Damian Wayne Learns [SPOILER] Is His Brother

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Robin #13, on sale now.

Robin #13 features Damian Wayne and Ravager going toe-to-toe with Deathstroke and Respawn over the death of Ra's al Ghul, and amid their combat, Robin learns that Respawn is none other than his half-brother.

The reveal comes as Respawn tries to convince the angry Boy Wonder that Deathstroke was set up and isn't the one behind Ra's' murder, which took place in Shadow War: Alpha #1. After Damian demands to know why he should take this news at face value, Respawn removes his mask and says, "I'm you. Sort of."

Respawn goes on to reveal his origins, which were explained in Deathstroke Inc. #7. Created by Ra's al Ghul from a sample of Slade Wilson's blood and Talia al Ghul's DNA, Respawn was intended as an experimental warrior to make up for the loss of Damian Wayne, who had left the al Ghul family to live with Batman in Gotham at the time of his half-brother's creation. This revelation means that Respawn bears a close resemblance to both Damian and Slade, and is a possible heir to the al Ghul family line.

After Damian hears the news that he has a blood brother who went through the same sort of training (not to mention psychological torture) that he endured in his childhood, he takes the news in stride. Before he has time to get too happy, Respawn demands a rematch, and the pair are immediately back at each other's throats -- echoing the fierce rivalry that they had during the Lazarus Tournament in Robin issues #1-6, which introduced Respawn to comic readers.

"Shadow War," the current crossover encompassing Batman, Deathstroke Inc. and Robin, is likely to reveal Respawn's new role in the DC universe as he accompanies his father on a mission to find who framed Slade Wilson for Ra's al Ghul's death. An unknown assassin wearing one of Slade's old costumes was behind the hit, and a grief-stricken Talia al Ghul has sent the full fury of her League of Assassins ninjas after Slade without giving him any time to clear his name. The conclusion of Robin #13 reveals that Batman and Damian -- formerly estranged and not on speaking terms -- have reunited to search for the true killer. Batman has also asked Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter to watch over Deathstroke Inc., Slade's collective of fellow mercenaries and anti-heroes, as they face the forces of Talia at every corner.

Robin #13, written by Josh Williamson and illustrated by Roger Cruz, is now on sale.

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