Daft Punk Have Joined TikTok

Daft Punk have joined TikTok because, well, 2022.

Only a year as upside-down as this one could see Daft Punk—the legendary electronic music pioneers, visionary directors and avant-garde composers—adding "content creator" to their illustrious résumé. The irony of the robots joining a digital dystopia wherein the majority of its young users haven't even heard of them isn't lost on us. But we digress.

"Let’s rewind time, on TikTok," reads Daft Punk's first TikTok post. 

It's worth noting that Daft Punk's arrival on TikTok finds them in uncharted waters. TikTok's business model is predicated on deals made with record companies prior to the formation of the duo's account, so they reportedly required a direct deal to license music on the platform. Its one billion daily active users can now access the music from Daft Punk's back catalog to use in their videos.

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Daft Punk Have Joined TikTok: "Let’s Rewind Time"

"Let’s rewind time, on TikTok," reads the legendary duo's first post.


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Starting tomorrow, October 18th, fans will be able to use two Daft Punk-themed filters for their TikTok videos. One features a customizable robot helmet and the other showcases Charlie, an anthropomorphized dog who first appeared in Daft Punk's 1997 music video for "Da Funk," directed by Spike Jonze.