Dada Life Tease Release of Song Eight Years in the Making

It looks like veteran dance music duo Dada Life may finally drop the curtain on a track that was conceived back in 2013, when they released a number of their biggest electronic hits.

Dada Life rose to become one of the dance music scene's most popular headlining acts following the release of 2012's breakthrough The Rules of Dada LP. The album spawned a number of global electro hits for the Swedish tandem, such as "Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker," "So Young So High," and "Rolling Stones T-Shirt," among others. They then went on to drop one of the most popular songs of their career in 2013, the rowdy "Born To Rage."

It was during that time they produced a track tentatively titled "Rov Rave kött," which is yet to see the light of day. Dada Life took to social media today to tease the release of the unreleased demo, saying that it has been repurposed countless times over the years.

"We made the first version of this track 2013," Dada Life wrote. "We didn’t release it because we felt it didn’t deliver our vision. Each year since we’ve tried re-producing it but didn’t succeed. I feel confident we have it now! 2021, eight years later!"

Dada Life remained quiet on the new music front in 2020, presumably as they developed their own Crash & Smile record label. They eventually launched the label—a sub-imprint of Hardwell's venerated Revealed Recordings banner—in February alongside a new single called "Rumble Slow."

At the time of this article's publication, Dada Life have not confirmed a release date for the unreleased demo.