D.J.C. Presents “Sexy House Thang” – A Groovy Escape To A Brighter Future

The long-anticipated single “Sexy House Thang” has been unveiled by none other than D.J.C. (Daniel Jahmal Clarke), an acclaimed music producer and entrepreneur of British-American origin. Collaborating with the talented artist Bijoux, the virtuoso artist, continues to impress audiences with his diverse talents and innovative musical vision. He is the driving force behind  NexGen Music, a revered record label celebrated for its remarkable releases encompassing underground and cross-mainstream genres.

Sexy House Thang” presents an uplifting composition aimed at elevating listeners with its contagious positivity. This dynamic track seamlessly blends funky, Latin, and jazz elements within the realm of house music, expertly infusing contemporary nuances that diverge from the mainstream EDM-style trends. D.J.C. takes great delight in crafting an extraordinary soundscape, masterfully incorporating saxophones, keyboards, and electric guitars to create an immersive and enthralling auditory trance.

Having delved into numerous collaborative brainstorming sessions, D.J.C. and Bijoux sought out the exceptional artistic expertise of Neil Sanford, a highly respected talent known for his skills in both music and visuals. The result is an irresistible animated clip that draws viewers in with its lively and dynamic essence. The visual backdrop transforms into a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic wonderland, adorned with fluid patterns and striking designs that harmoniously synchronize with the song's contagious and electrifying rhythms.

Released via NexGen Music’s sub-imprint Affectionate Grooves, “Sexy House Thang” is a captivating musical gem, designed to immerse listeners in pure enjoyment, entrancing vibes, and a sense of love and sensuality. D.J.C. draws inspiration from renowned labels like Telstar, Naked Music, Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow, Ninja Tune, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Ohm Records, and XL Recordings, continuously pushing boundaries. Through curating outstanding musicians and engineers, he boldly embraces new musical frontiers.

Listen to “Sexy House Thang” here:

See the video for “Sexy House Thang” and Behind-the-Scenes footage below: