Crunchyroll Releases New Noblesse Trailer, Announces More Fall Anime Titles

Crunchyroll has released a new official trailer for its upcoming original anime series Noblesse, as well as revealed a new batch of shows set to arrive as part of its fall 2020 anime lineup.

The second trailer for Noblesse offers a new look at what viewers can expect from the fast-approaching supernatural action anime, which is slated to premiere in just under a week on Oct. 7. Based on the manhwa of the same name by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu, Noblesse follows Raizel, an ancient vampire who is freed in present-day South Korea and begins attending high school to learn how much humanity has advanced, making new friends along the way. However, he is forced to return to his old ways and fight when supernatural threats begin to target him.

The new anime announced for Crunchyroll's upcoming season include I'm Standing on a Million Lives, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, Is The Order a Rabbit? BLOOM Season 3, Rail Romanesque, One Room Season 3 and EAGLE TALON ~Golden Spell~. They join such previously announced titles as Noblesse, JUJUTSU KAISEN, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, BURN THE WITCH, Onyx Equinox and TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You.

Key art and the full information regarding the new additions can be found below.

Crunchyroll Reveals New Trailer for “Noblesse” and Shares Additional Titles for Fall Anime Season

Crunchyroll revealed today a brand new trailer for the upcoming Crunchyroll Original series “Noblesse” alongside additional titles coming to Crunchyroll as a part of the fall anime season.

“Noblesse” follows a powerful being who is thrown into modern civilization after 820 years of slumber. This latest trailer shares more about the series before the anime premieres on Crunchyroll on Wednesday, October 7.

Crunchyroll also revealed more titles streaming soon as a part of the upcoming anime season:

  1. I'm Standing on a Million Lives - A lone wolf student is sent to another world where he must become a hero to save millions of people!
  2. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai - Based on the classic Dragon Quest series, follow Dai and his party in their grand adventure to defeat the demon lord Hadlar!
  3. Is The Order a Rabbit? BLOOM Season 3 - Get ready for more tea time at the Rabbit House as Is The Order a Rabbit? BLOOM is served!
  4. Rail Romanesque - All aboard Rail Romanesque, where one young man is set out to revive his small town of Ohitoyo with the power of railroads!
  5. One Room 3rd - As the protagonist, follow the story that develops in your (one) room.
  6. EAGLE TALON ~Golden Spell~ - The classic Eagle Talon series returns after the organization uncover the "Golden Spell," a mysterious power that controls people's will!

These new titles complement Crunchyroll’s awesome fall anime slate, which include the highly anticipated “JUJUTSU KAISEN,” “Attack on Titan Final Season,” and “BURN THE WITCH,” alongside upcoming Crunchyroll Originals “Onyx Equinox,” and “TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You” among many more! Fans can watch a trailer of Crunchyroll’s fall anime slate here.

Based on the manhwa of the same name by Son Jeho and Lee Kwangsu, Noblesse is directed by Yasutaka Yamamoto and premieres on Crunchyroll on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

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