Crunchyroll Drops First Trailer for FreakAngels Animated Series

Crunchyroll has shown the first trailer for its upcoming animated adaptation of FreakAngels.

The new trailer premiered during the anime streamer's industry panel at this year's New York Comic-Con. A final premiere date for the new show has yet to be announced, but Crunchyroll currently has the series scheduled with a 2022 premiere window. The new steam punk-themed show takes place in Great Britain, following a sudden and mysterious apocalyptic disaster that floods the country and seals it off from the rest of the world behind a dome of energy. London's last neighborhood of Whitechapel survives thanks to the efforts of the FreakAngels, a group of twenty-something psychics who protect that area from raiders and other threats.

The new series was originally announced in 2020. The show is just one of the company's original productions that it highlighted at the event, alongside new trailers for Blade Runner: Black Lotus and its upcoming anime adaptation of Sega's cult classic video game, Shenmue, both of which are being produced in collaboration with Adult Swim.

FreakAngels was originally a webcomic that was published from 2008 - 2011. The series was created by Transmetropolitan and Planetary writer Warren Ellis, with art by The Firelight Isle's Paul Duffield. The series won the Eagle Award for Best Webcomic in 2010 and 2012 and was collected into a six-volume print edition by Avatar Press.

In 2020, multiple women accused Ellis of sexual and emotional abuse. Following the allegations, it was announced that Ellis would not return to write for future seasons of Netflix's popular Castlevania animated series, and that a planned Batman comic by the author had been cancelled. Image Comics also recently announced that it would not be moving forward with Ellis and Ben Templesmith's Fell comic until Ellis made amends with the women who were subjected to his abuse.

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