Croosgenre Singer-Songwriter zenith. Continues His Ascension With The New Single “Plastic”

Crossgenre singer-songwriter zenith. Continues his speedy ascension to the top of the music world with a latest single titled “Plastic.” Despite its fun vibe, the artist touches upon profound topics such as experiencing hardships to communicate with other people, symbolized by singing “I’d rather talk to plastic.” 

Filled with metaphors and double-entendres, he once again showcases his poetic skills and unshakable desire to empower others through sharing his own healing process. Often introspective, his special music can also be enjoyed through his previously released tracks “Skip,” and “Changes,” two of his most powerful releases to date. 

The most surprising fact is that zenith. just started releasing music in 2022, but all of his songs hold a deeply mature quality, rare to find in most of today’s superficial songs. 

With the new single “Plastic,” zenith. is confidently claiming his spot as one of the most interesting artists to follow in 2023, with rumors saying he is currently working on a new project. Stay tuned!