Critical Role – What Exandria Unlimited: Kymal’s Ending Means for the Series’ Future

Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited mini-campaign introduced fans to a whole new cast of player characters. It also brought an intriguing new Dungeon Master, Aabria Iyengar, with a completely different style than the Dungeons & Dragons play show's main DM, Matthew Mercer. Then, when EU regular Robbie Daymond was present for several episodes at the start of Critical Role's third campaign, fans weren't sure if he would become a permanent regular.

However, circumstances within the story eventually led to Daymond's Air Genasi Bard, Dorian Storm, fleeing the continent of Marquet in an airship with his fugitive brother, Cyrus. Returning to Tal'dorei, Dorian called out to old friends, the Crown Keepers, to help him find a way to pay his brother's massive bounty. At the end of the episode when Dorian and Cyrus left, Critical Role reassured fans that this would not be the last they saw of Daymond by announcing a special two-part episode of Exandria Unlimited titled "Kymal."

Exandria Unlimited Kymal

This announcement left fans to wonder how many other loose threads might be tugged in Kymal. One of the largest bits of unfinished business was the first major enemy the Crown Keepers made in Emon: Poska and the Nameless Ones. After stealing the Spider Queen's crown from Poska, the party fled from the city and embarked on their journey knowing the Nameless Ones would pursue. Not long after arriving in Kymal, they discovered the unaffiliated thieves guild was there as well, and they were doing everything in their power to take over the lawless casino town.

Anjali Bhimani's Fire Genasi Monk, Fy'ra Rai, had initially left the group to search for her missing twin sister, Fy'ra Kai, but she heeded the call and returned to offer her aid to Dorian's cause. Her search for Fy'ra Kai seemed to be fruitless, but it wasn't long before she discovered her twin was there in Kymal -- and working with the Nameless Ones. This was just one of many important plot points from the initial mini-campaign that Kymal expanded upon, but when all was said and done, the thread was left wide open for future exploration.

Additionally, Aimee Carrero's Warlock, Opal, had fully utilized the Spider Queen's Vestige of Divergence. The crown had obviously corrupted her in ways the old Opal would never stand for, but the power it offered was too enticing to refuse. The constant whispers of the Spider Queen now regularly accompanied those of Opal's Warlock patron, her twin sister Ted, whom the party actually fought in the final episode of the original mini-campaign.

Morrighan Ferrus Exandria Unlimited

As the party began plotting a heist to get their hands on the outrageous sum needed to clear Cyrus, they encountered a new ally. Morrighan Ferus, played by voice actress Erica Lindbeck, was a mysterious Lagomore (humanoid bunny) from the Feywild, tending bar in Kymal. Overhearing their bumbling plot to steal from the casino vault, accomplished thief Morrighan offered her services and joined the party in an effort to satisfy the mysterious voice in her head driving her to flee Kymal.

Before all was said and done, the Crown Keepers managed to successfully pull off their heist and get away from the casino on a floating bar deck powered by broomstone. In the final moments, Fy'ra Rai made eye contact with her sister from a distance, affirming that there is definitely unfinished business the party will need to address in future episodes, including a major face to face with the Nameless Ones.

Beyond that, Morrighan's strange ties to the Raven Queen suggest the Crown Keepers may need to help their new friend on her own quest. Dorian and Cyrus also have the means to clear Cyrus' bounty in Marquet, but first the party needs to figure out how to move their broomstone-powered craft as far from Kymal as possible before they land and make away with their loot, meaning there are once again plenty of plotlines left wide open for a future return to Exandria Unllimited.

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