Could Bleach’s Ichigo Solo ALL of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

Bleach is a classic Shonen Jump title starring Ichigo Kurosaki, the high school student who became a substitute Soul Reaper and saves the world. Needless to say, Ichigo ranks among Jump's greatest heroes, alongside all-stars like Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki. But what if he took on his biggest challenge yet: an entire animated universe, like the Avatar: The Last Airbender's?

Some action anime characters are so powerful, fans wonder if they can "solo the 'verse" and take on all the characters in another franchise, either one by one or all at once, and emerge triumphantly. In the case of Ichigo Vs. the Avatar world, let's take a look at the powers Ichigo can wield against the entire Avatar universe and find out if there is there any character who can stop him.

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The Powers Of Ichigo Kurosaki

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Ichigo Kurosaki was not born as a Soul Reaper; instead, his life changed overnight when the Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki lent him her powers, and thus awakened his potential. Ichigo had a generic zanpakuto (spirit sword) at first, but then he trained with Kisuke Urahara and unlocked his real zanpakuto, Zangetsu. From there, Ichigo continued to hone his skills and rack up battlefield experience, and when he trained with Yoruichi Shihoin, he achieved bankai, the ultimate power of Zangetsu. Once bankai is activated, Zangetsu becomes a long, thin, compressed black blade that allows Ichigo to move with astonishing speed and agility. To most outside observers, Ichigo is moving in a blur, and it looks like he's teleporting rather than running.

Ichigo is primarily a swordsman, but he can also charge up his spirit energy and launch a ranged attack, the Getsuga Tensho. Or, he can wrap it around his blade to improve its damage output. And finally, Ichigo has an inner Hollow that lends him even more strength, but sometimes at the cost of control over himself. After training with the Visoreds, Ichigo learned to don his Hollow mask and wield its powers like a refined instrument, and his speed, power, stamina and Getsuga Tensho are all powered up.

If things get truly dire, Ichigo's inner Hollow manifests its Vasto Lorde form, granting Ichigo yet more strength, but at the cost of restraint. That's how Ichigo ended up defeating Ulquiorra Schiffer, the fourth Espada. In that state, Ichigo couldn't even tell friend from foe.

What Happens If Ichigo 'Solos' The Avatar Universe

Ichigo would likely take on the Avatar characters one after the other, with no breaks in between them. Supporting characters such as Suki, Ty Lee the acrobat, Mai, and others will be wiped out quickly, and then Ichigo would take on the benders.

Firebenders such as Princess Azula and Prince Zuko could give Ichigo a proper challenge, but once he activates bankai, his speed will leave his opponents in the dust. Not even Azula's lightning attacks could keep up, and what is more, firebending has very few defensive options. Ichigo can easily evade Zuko's and Azula's attacks, then cut them down at close range with his blade. Fire Lord Ozai himself would give Ichigo his toughest fight yet at that point. But without the aid of Sozin's Comet, Ozai would lack the overwhelming firepower to take down Ichigo's Hollow mask mode, and Ichigo would finish off Ozai with a black Getsuga Tensho attack.

Waterbenders, including Katara, Pakku and Hama, wouldn't have it much easier. Unfortunately for them, with Ichigo using his spirit body, even if these Waterbenders could see him, bloodbending would be impossible. Ichigo's body is composed of spirit energy, and it's not a natural part of the world, making it immune to waterbending. These Waterbenders would be too slow to capture Ichigo in ice or water bubbles, and Ichigo could breach their icy defenses with the Getsuga Tensho and finish them off up close with his blade.

But what about the Earthbenders, from Toph Beifong to The Boulder to King Bumi and even Haru? Toph may be tempted to bend Ichigo's metal blade with metalbeding, but she'd be in for a surprise. Zangetsu is made of spirit energy, rather than metal that comes from the earth, and is immune to metalbending. Ichigo is far too quick for the tough but slow nature of earthbending, and once again, he can use his mask's power and the black Getsuga Tensho to break through his opponents' defenses and cut them apart at melee range.

That would only leave the Avatar himself, Aang. In his regular state, Aang could hold off Ichigo with the four elements, and airbending would help him stay mobile and avoid the worst of Ichigo's attacks. Still, Aang would be on the back foot, and work out that he cannot handle this Bleach hero alone.

This would be the time to break out the Avatar state, and every Avatar, from Roku to Kyoshi to Wan himself, can pool their strength into Aang's body. In this state, Aang can wield the elements with renewed strength, and like Avatar Wan 10,000 years earlier, he can capture his enemy in an elemental bubble and contain him for all time; in this case, inside the earth itself. Try as he might, Ichigo wouldn't escape this prison. Once more, the Avatar state has saved the world, and to think Ichigo came this close to 'soloing the 'verse.'

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