Cosplayer Perfectly Captures the Dark Mystique of Dragon Age’s Morrigan

A recent photoshoot by a photographer on Twitter brought the beloved sorceress from the Dragon Age franchise into the real world in stunning detail.

Photographer Pavel (@Yaguar_13) posted the images of cosplayer Aleksandra Reil to his Twitter page for Yaguar Photography. In a remarkably detailed cosplay, Reil captured all the mystery and allure of Morrigan, a possible companion in Dragon Age: Origins and a featured character in other games of the series. Each photo captures Morrigan in what appears to be her room, which is decorated in dark reds and ornate details befitting the character.

Morrigan was primarily written by David Gaider, who served as lead writer on Dragon Age: Origins. A Witch of the Wilds, Morrigan grew up in isolation from society. Her mother, Flemeth, is a famous Witch of the Wild who often lured unsuspecting templars to make them disappear. Due to her distrust of civilization, Flemeth kept her daughter far from others. However, during the series, Morrigan becomes an integral part of the player's team, even appearing as a love interest in Dragon Age: Origins. Although she remains standoffish throughout the games due to her difficult upbringing, her charms and sympathetic story have made her a favorite for players of the series.

Beginning with Origins, Morrigan enters as a possible party member besides being a love interest for male wardens. When players first encounter her in the Korcari Wilds, Morrigan expresses her deep-seated mistrust for others through dry, sarcastic comments. She's curious enough, however, that if the player treats her with due respect, she is willing to help them on their journey. Even for female wardens, Morrigan makes for a steadfast companion worth doing her story quests for. Arguably, Morrigan has the most unique role of any Dragon Age NPC in the series. Although she is not available as a companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition, her part is no less valuable; she enters pretty late in the game but fights alongside the Inquisitor for four of the last five major quests.

Since 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition, players have waited impatiently for a fourth main entry in the series. Some reports suggest Dragon Age 4 will release sometime in 2023, though whether current world events have caused a delay since last year's report isn't known. At this time, Dragon Age 4 is expected to release on next-gen consoles only, perhaps due to using the most advanced gaming tech available, which would not run on past-gen consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Additionally, Dragon Age developer Bioware reassured fans the next game would be single-player only, staying true to the playstyle of previous entries. Whether Morrigan will reappear as a possible companion or advisor in that game remains to be seen.

Source: Twitter

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