CONTRAIL Shares First Details on Next From In This Corner of the World Director

CONTRAIL, the animation studio founded by In This Corner of the World director Sunao Katabuchi in 2019, revealed details about its next film on Twitter.

No title has been announced yet, but it will be set in Kyoto 1,000 years ago, in the time known as the Heian period. Katabuchi is aiming for historical accuracy, similar to his portrayal of 1940s Hiroshima in In This Corner of the World.

Katabuchi's new movie will address "terrible events" from the Heian era which are not addressed in classical literary works like The Pillow Book and The Tale of Genji. CONTRAIL's Twitter account singles out "the spread of plagues" as an example.

Katabuchi is doing a series of talks on the history of the Heian period. CONTRAIL linked to one of these talks, which is streaming on Nico Nico, but only in Japanese without English subtitles.

In This Corner of the World was released in 2016 from Studio MAPPA. It earned critical acclaim and won numerous awards, even beating Your Name and A Silent Voice for Animation of the Year at the Japanese Academy Awards. It is currently streaming on Netflix in the United States.

Source: Twitter

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