Chris Hemsworth Plans to Stop Playing Thor Before Fans Want Him To

Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth recently discussed his limit when it comes to playing iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero Thor.

Hemsworth revealed how he'll know when it's time to step away from the role that made him a star in an interview with Total Film. "Each time, if the opportunity comes up and presents itself [to play Thor], I'm just open to whatever creative exploration can happen, thanks to different writers and directors and so on," he said. "But I love playing the character, I really do. It always comes down to: 'Is this script different to the last one? Are we repeating something?' And when it becomes too familiar, I think that's when I'd have to say, 'Yeah, no, this doesn't... I think I've...' [laughs] I'd like to exit before people tell me to exit."

Hemsworth previously spoke about how important it was for him to continually evolve both the character and the franchise, something he admitted 2013's Thor: The Dark World failed to do. The actor added that his dissatisfaction with The Dark World directly impacted how he and director Taiki Waititi approached its sequel, Thor: Ragnarok. "I said 'I'm really bored of Thor.' And [Waititi] said, 'Yeah I'm really bored of Thor, too.' And then we decided not to be bored and any time that feeling came into play, we'd go in a different direction."

Hemsworth went on to say that Waititi returning to helm Thor: Love and Thunder was a key condition for him reprising the lead role in the upcoming blockbuster. "I don't know that I would've done another if Taika hadn't said yes, he was going to do it," he said. "And he had written this beautiful script which was a wacky, crazy, romantic comedy set in space and that I hadn't seen before." Hemsworth also acts alongside Waititi in both Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder, as the Kiwi filmmaker voices the Odinson's craggy sidekick, Korg.

More recently, Hemsworth has dropped hints that Thor: Love and Thunder will be his last MCU outing. The star mentioned he wasn't sure if he would make any further Marvel Studios movies, while also noting how much he's enjoyed playing the character, both in the upcoming film and across the last 11 years.

Hemsworth's Spiderhead co-star Miles Teller is also eager for him to leave the MCU behind. "I think that the more stuff outside of Thor that he does and people are able to see, I think they’ll really start to speak about him as just a great actor, not as Thor, superhero, any of that stuff," he said. The star then went on to praise Hemsworth's range as an actor and credited their scenes together on Spiderhead with making Teller himself a better performer.

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8.

Source: Total Film, via GamesRadar+