Chloe And Australian Songwriter, Musician And Poet Seekay Combine Efforts In New EP Reflections

British vocalist Chloe and Australian songwriter, musician and poet Seekay have combined their efforts into a timeless electronica-pop EP titled Reflections. Available on all digital platforms, Reflections has already gathered over 1M plays on Spotify alone. 

Seekay, the Australian artist, is known for combining the power of music and lyrics to produce utterly moving tracks. The secret voice of most of his tracks is Chloe since Seekay discovered Chloe’s talent online. 

As a teenager, Chloe was a big fan of 90s pop, hip hop and grunge. It is later in life that she met producers making electronic dance music and got really into more experimental electronica music. She started performing at the young age of fifteen years old, with a ban she had put together in London. Her favourite artists are Prince, David Bowie, James Blake, Outkast, Radiohead, Fka Twigs, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Banks, and Grimes.

Seekay and Chloe display a unique chemistry, at its most powerful on the EP Reflections, so make sure to stream this beautiful collection of six songs. 

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