Chainsaw Man: What We Want From Part 2 of Shonen Jump’s Cult Series

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man #97 by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heep, available in English now from Viz Media.

Chainsaw Man fans have plenty to be excited about with announcements of both anime adaptation led by MAPPA and a Part 2 of the manga coming to Shonen Jump+. With Part 1 wrapping up the "Public Safety Arc," series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed at this year's Jump Festa that the next installment would include a "School Arc."

The world of Chainsaw Man is renowned for its unpredictability, never afraid to kill off important characters -- or bring them back if they happen to be Devils -- and considering the cliffhanger Part 1 ends on, it's safe to assume that trend will continue. With Denji set to try his hand at being a high schooler, let's take a look at some possible storylines we'd like to see when the series returns.

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Chainsaw Man Academia

Fujimoto has already confirmed the series will feature a school arc. The final page of Part 1 teases this as people discuss a rumor that "Chainsaw Man is a high schooler now." By Denji's admission, he's never been to school, so this will already be a strange experience for him at 16 years old as he tries to navigate a conventional education while maintaining the growing hero persona of Chainsaw Man.

Though far from My Hero Academia, Denji's hero activities will also need to balance taking care of Nayuta -- the new Control Devil -- and himself, since he's far from the most mature character we've seen in the series. With Chainsaw Man now a household name throughout Japan, Denji will have to contest those targeting him while continuing his Devil Hunting duties. However, since he is now more revered than feared by humans, the limits of Denji's powers will need to be rediscovered as well, considering a Devil's strength is reliant on how much fear their name garners.

International Assassins Arc II

chainsaw man

Throughout the latter half of Part 1,  Denji's heart was an ongoing target of Devil Hunters seeking to make the Chainsaw Devil their own. In Chapter #97, the veteran Devil Hunter Kishibe reveals that he "nicked" the new Control Devil from China. Now known as Nayuta, she has no memories from her past life, and to avoid her turning out like Makima again, Kishibe tasks Denji with looking after her.

Though Makima's identity as the Control Devil may not be widely known, there will be those who know the truth and remember the power she held. Just as getting to Denji was the aim of the first "International Assassins Arc," there is a chance the former Control Devil's enemies will come after Nayuta for her dangerous ability. Since we'll likely see Denji and Nayuta grow closer as the story progresses, this could be a great way to showcase their development and Denji's journey as a protector.

Return of Reze/Bomb Girl

With fellow Devil Hybrids Katana Man and Quanxi, Reze made a surprise return in the final fight as part of Makima's Special Division 5. Seeing Reze again could prove a more difficult reunion this time around for Denji, given their tumultuous history. The chance to see Chainsaw Man pairing up with another Devil Hybrid is an exciting prospect.

Even if Denji and Reze can't reconcile, there's still plenty to unpack and discover about their respective dark pasts. Denji may yet grapple with the truth that he killed his father, and Reze's mysterious upbringing through a sinister government super-soldier program could each be explored further. Being a Devil Hybrid is a unique experience and one that they share, so an unlikely union of Denji and Reze to conquer their respective pasts could be a liberating journey in this new chapter.

The Hunt for Power/Blood Devil

Perhaps the most anticipated and hoped-for story would be the reunion of Denji and Power. Their last touching encounter saw Power give Denji her blood, forming a contract, telling him to find the Blood Devil and turn them back into Power again -- giving Denji a tangible goal. She reminds Denji that while Devils are reborn after they die, she won't be the same anymore.

Power dominates the popularity polls as one of Chainsaw Man's most adored characters, and before her death, she was Denji's best friend. Considering Aki's return is unlikely, looking for Power is Denji's best shot at rebuilding the family Makima destroyed. Seeing the dynamic devilish duo partnered together again is something the fans want.

Denji and Power's strange and occasionally turbulent relationship saw them go from skeptical co-workers operating under Makima's rule to trusted friends seeking out their own freedom and choices. Given that Devils' cyclical lives see them reborn, we'll undoubtedly see the Blood Devil again. Finding Power is a mission for Denji that could bridge the second part with the first.

With minor characters like Hirofumi Yoshida and Aldo capable of returning in a meaningful way and joining up with new characters, there are plenty of possibilities for Fujimoto to build from. Regardless of the stories we see unfold in Chainsaw Man, fans are undoubtedly in for a treat when Denji revs up for the next part of the cult hit series.

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