Chainsaw Man Looks Unstoppable – But [SPOILER] Means He Isn’t

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man #87 by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley and Sabrina Heep, available in English from Viz Media.

Chainsaw Man puts a date with Makima on the line, which brings a surprising reunion to the fore as Reze, Katana Man, Quanxi and more are shown to be still alive. The ever-unpredictable Weekly Shonen Jump series brings the story full circle after the revelation that Makima's previous battle with Chainsaw Man led to him taking a new form, the innocuous Pochita.

With the last few chapters exploring Chainsaw Man's ability to drift seamlessly into its dark humor, Chapter #87 picks up on a serious note. Makima unveils her Special Division 5, a team composed of what she describes as "not human, Devils or Fiends." The Chainsaw Devil's ability erases the names of those he's eaten, yet somehow there are a select few whose existences remained and have been recruited by Makima.

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Pochita Is Explained as Chainsaw Devils Near-Death Form

Having reconvened on the rooftops, Denji/Chainsaw Man and Makima -- plus her new team -- clash in violent fashion. However, before blades are drawn and chainsaws revved, Makima discusses their last encounter where the Chainsaw Devil fought the Weapons Devil and Four Horsemen but suddenly vanished before their eyes. Makima reveals that Pochita, the loveable dog-like companion of Denji, was the form the Chainsaw Devil took when he was near death from their last fight and was the reason she was unable to find him.

As Makima's Division 5 all trigger transformations, their humanoid forms morph into Devils and showcase the series' most extensive collection of Hybrids, which are an incredibly rare fusion between humans and Devils. This new team includes the familiar faces of Reze -- the Bomb Devil -- along with the Katana Man and Quanxi, who have all previously appeared in the series and were presumed dead.

Chainsaw Man Battles with Makima's Forces

While the odds seem to be against Chainsaw Man, the exact opposite plays out. The group of Hybrids converges on a fully transformed Denji only to be torn apart in grizzly fashion. The violent brawl explodes through several buildings, leaving only Chainsaw Man standing amid the carnage.

With Chainsaw Man having displayed his dominance, Makima, in her usual unfazed manner, accesses that this battle could be unwinnable. Though this certainly seems to be the case, it's clear that Makima rarely makes a move that isn't carefully calculated. Having already forced the change into Pochita once, the possibility still exists that Makima could gain the upper hand.

How this long-fought battle between Chainsaw Man and Makima -- the Control Devil -- will play out is still very much up in the air. While Makima maintains she intends to better the world with Denji's powers, the evidence doesn't support her virtuous claims. Considering Denji has taken a backseat to his Chainsaw Devil half, there is likely still a twist to the knife, or chainsaw, to be explored for the young Devil Hunter.

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