Chainsaw Man Announces Premiere Window for Manga’s Part 2

Chainsaw Man Part 2 and the anime's premiere have both been given rough premiere windows.

The Jump Festa presentation for the series was suitably bizarre, with Fujimoto represented by an animated avatar of the adorable chainsaw devil Pochita. In a surprisingly candid interview, Fujimoto revealed some behind the scenes details about the development of the series; the acclaimed author said that he designed Denji and Makima first, and in his original plan, the characters of Himeno and Aki were siblings. He also expressed some surprise over how popular the character of Yoshida, a private devil hunter who made a pact with an octopus devil, has become. Finally, Fujimoto confirmed that the highly anticipated second part of the manga series would make its debut on the Shonen Jump+ online manga platform sometime during Summer 2022. A short video featuring scenes from the first part of the manga series and a short animation of the manipulative Makima were shown at the end of the interview, which ended with a message that suggests the anime adaptation will also premiere sometime during 2022. The anime is being produced by studio MAPPA (Attack on Titan).

Chainsaw Man is set in a world where humans live side-by-side with monstrous devils. The series tells the story of Denji, a hard-working but somewhat unintelligent young man who works for the yakuza in order to pay off his mounting debts. Denji is brutally murdered after the yakuza betray him, but is resurrected after making a pact with Pochita, a surprisingly cute chainsaw demon. The pact also gives him the power to transform into a human-devil hybrid that sprouts chainsaws from his arms and head. Denji decides to use new power and his second chance at life to become a professional devil hunter.

Since its premiere in 2018, the manga has become a critical darling and the most popular of Fujimoto's creation, with over 11 million copies in circulation. Before Chainsaw Man's publication, Fujimoto was primarily known for the similarly acclaimed Fire Punch series. In the year since Chainsaw Man went on hiatus, Fujimoto published Look Back, a standalone story about two friends who dream of becoming manga artists. Look Back was released online through Shueisha's Shonen Jump+, where it received over a million views within its first 24 hours of publication and received nearly unanimous praise from critics.

Source: Jump Festa, Twitter

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