Cells at Work! to Get Live Action Film!

Comedy manga Cells at Work! is getting a live action film to be distributed by Warner Bros.!


The manga's collection of quirky cells will be brought to the big screen by Hideki Takeuchi, who has previously directed live action adaptations like the Nodame Cantabile drama series and films, Thermae Romae, and Fly Me to the Saitama.

The script will be written by Yuichi Tokunaga, who collaborated with Takeuchi for Fly Me to the Saitama. He has also provided scripts for other live action adaptations like Kaguya-sama: Love is War and Liar Liar.

The film's cast and premiere date are yet to be revealed.

Created by Akane Shimizu, Cells at Work! follows anthropomorphised cells as they go about their duties in the human body. The first season of the TV anime aired in 2018, with a second season following in 2021.

The franchise includes various spin-off manga series, including Cells at Work! Code Black, which received an anime adaptation in 2021.

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