Cells at Work! Has a New Game in Development

One of the biggest anime premieres this January was Cells at Work! Code Black, the spinoff series to the manga adaptation of Akane Shimizu's main Cells at Work! series.

According to Animate Times, the manga/anime property is being adapted into a video game by Chinese developers NetEase Games, as announced in a statement on Jan. 17 by the staff of both the main and spinoff series. There are currently no details on the planned title, including the release window and which platforms it will be available on.

NetEase is one of the largest video game and internet companies in the world, developing localized versions of StarCraft II, Hearthstone and Minecraft for the Chinese market. A mobile game adaptation of the series, developed by Aniplex, Inc., was previously released in 2019 on iOS and Android devices.

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Launched by Shimizu in January 2015, Cells at Work! follows a pair of anthropomorphized red and white blood cells working to keep a human body alive and healthy. An anime adaptation premiered in 2018, with its second season launched on Jan. 9, 2021. The spinoff series Cells at Work! Code Black, following a group of cells working together in an unhealthy body, premiered on Jan. 10, 2021, expanding the action and scope for anime fans.

Source: Animate Times, Anime News Network

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