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Upcoming live action film Bungo Stray Dogs: Beast has released an intense trailer and visual!

The English-subtitled trailer features the franchise's central characters jumping into action against Port Mafia, a powerful criminal organization. It also showcases Taku Iwasaki's score, plus the film's theme song, “Tokei Mawari no Torque” by Granrodeo.

A series of individual character shots has also been released. Check them out in the album below.

Based on the action/mystery manga series written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa, Bungo Stray Dogs revolves around a series of well-known literary figures who each have various supernatural abilities and work for a detective agency in Yokohama.

The live action film is adapted from an existing novel that explores a what-if scenario where the agencies that Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Atsushi Nakagawa belong to are reversed.

Bungo Stray Dogs: Beast opens in theaters in Japan on January 7, 2022.

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