BTS, TXT or ENHYPEN – Which HYBE x WEBTOON Collaboration Should You Read?

HYBE released three consecutive Webtoon collaborations in January, exciting fans of both K-pop and manhwa everywhere. The three new webtoons are fantasy series starring characters based on the members of HYBE's real-life superstar groups -- BTS, TXT and ENHYPEN.

The sudden releases of BTS' 7Fates: Chakho, ENHYPEN's Dark Moon: The Blood Altar and TXT's The Star Seekers may have overwhelmed fans who don't know what to expect from each series. For those interested in HYBE x WEBTOON's new collaborations, here's everything to know about each series and which one is right for you.

BTS' 7Fates: Chakho

The seven members of BTS star in 7Fates: Chakho, with their fictional counterparts living in the fictional city of Sin-si. This fantasy world is overrun by supernatural tigers called beom, who terrorize and eat the human citizen of the city. When a high bounty is placed on beom, hunters everywhere start risking their lives to hunt beom to save people and make money. As referenced in the series' title, 7Fates: Chakho is based on the mythology surrounding the "Chakhogapsa," or tiger hunters, from Korea's Joseon Dynasty. The seven main characters based on the real-life members of BTS eventually meet and form a beom hunting group called Chakho.

As ARMY and Webtoon fans flock to the new series, 7Fates: Chakho may be more gritty and gruesome than readers originally anticipated. This fantasy series mixes in elements of horror and gore to demonstrate the atrocities carried out by the beom who eat and kill humans. With lots of action and suspense, 7Fates: Chakho will likely appeal to fans of other action-packed fantasy manhwa like Solo LevelingunOrdinary and Tower of God. New episodes of BTS' hit series are released and can be read every Saturday on the Webtoon platform.

ENHYPEN's Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar reimagines the seven real-life members of ENHYPEN as powerful and mysterious vampires. Unlike HYBE's other two series, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar stars a female protagonist named Sooha who the boys are drawn to and revolve around. The series takes place at Decelis Academy, a prestigious night school known for its strict policy against vampires. However, the seven orphaned brothers are secretly vampires with unknown origins. In a world containing both good and bad vampires, major events begin to unfold when horrible and inexplicable things start occurring in the nearby town.

With seven vampire boys getting to know Sooha in a potential reverse-harem, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar appears to be the only HYBE collaboration with a romantic focus. As the boys are oddly drawn to her, some instantly begin flirting with Sooha while others try to befriend or get to know her. Given its makings of a vampire romance, this series will appeal to fans of both vampire and romance manhwa, like Bitten Contract and Orange MarmaladeDark Moon: The Blood Altar is also appealing to fans of dark academia, reverse-harems and popular vampire anime including Vampire Knight, Diabolik Lovers or Dance With Devils. ENHYPEN's new webtoon series can be read on the Webtoon platform, with new episodes released every Sunday.

TXT's The Star Seekers

As it stars a five-member idol group called Star One, TXT's The Star Seekers is the closest reflection of their real-life counterpart. In a fantasy world where magical idols are considered tier one and magicless idols are considered tier two, the public favors idols who use their magic to enhance their performances and musical abilities. As a tier two group who failed to manifest magical abilities before adulthood, Star One failed to take off and is about to be disbanded by its agency. However, the leader of Star One manifests magic for the first time when his group is attacked on stage before his bandmembers manifest their own powers over time. After discovering their abilities and mysterious lineages, Star One is suddenly tasked to save the world.

The Star Seekers is a fantasy focusing on brotherhood and magical powers while occasionally offering commentary on the ups and downs of being an idol. Despite its fantasy and action elements that sometimes incorporate death and horror elements, it does not appear to have the same dark overtone as BTS' 7Fates: Chakho. This series is recommended for fans seeking a lighter series with beautiful art and aesthetics. The Star Seekers is also the best HYBE collaboration for fans who expected and wanted idol characters that resemble real-life K-pop. New episodes of TXT's series can be read on the Webtoon platform every Monday.

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