BRZRKR: Keanu Reeves’ Immortal Warrior Met His Maker – At a Dark Price

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for BRZRKR #8, now available from BOOM! Studios.

In BOOM! Studios' BRZRKR, Keanu Reeves' immortal warrior, B, has been used as the U.S. government's pawn to create a new army of super-soldiers. He doesn't mind, though, as long as they figure out a way to end his life, giving him peace at last. This is why he's embraced being buried deep below the surface in a project called Protocol X, with the shady government operative Caldwell believing they've cracked the key to B's repeated rebirths.

The mission turns out to be a success, giving Caldwell key insight into the mystical energy that allows B to return to life over and over again. In the process, Issue #8 (by Reeves, Matt Kindt, Ron Garney, Clem Robins, Lee Garbett and Bill Crabtree) ended with B literally meeting his maker. However, this experiment may have come at a dark price that could doom the world.

Caldwell posited that the energy released by B would breach the space-time continuum and travel millions of years back into the past. He used the same spot where the "lightning god" impregnated B's mother 80,000 years ago, correctly assuming that the energy would be reversed and the warrior would be able to meet his creator. The energy did as Caldwell expected, with the issue showing how the lightning bolt traveled for eons to find B's mother.

The issue culminated with B existing as pure, electrical energy, in a dark void asking for his "father," which implies that he will now face his father. The secrets regarding B's purpose will quite possibly now be revealed, as will the real reason he was sent to Earth to become a killing machine in the first place

There's a massive tradeoff, however, and it has to do with the other scientist working on the experiment, Diana. She and Caldwell tried their best to unlock B's past and all he repressed, but she was the one who actually felt sympathy. It now appears that Caldwell has used her connection to the immortal warrior to his advantage, setting a trap in which the energy passed through Diana.

The issue ends on an ominous note, with Diana last seen in a tank and Caldwell telling his superiors that she is now a "radio" they can use to speak with the deity. As her eyes opened, showing a cold, black lifeless stare, it's clear that trouble is on the horizon. Ultimately, this could now turn Diana into a powerful vessel capable of destroying not just the facility, but the world should her puppet master determine Earth has run its course.

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