Bruce Gibbons Evokes Sensations With “Don’t Believe What You Hear” Ft. Dom Fricot

Bruce Gibbons takes listeners on a euphoric ride with latest single “Don’t Believe What You Hear.” The electronica track features singer-songwriter Dom Fricot and is the perfect fusion of different electronic and EDM sounds with bass and funk-wave beats.

The producer gives a sneak peek of his creative process, explaining how the song came about: “Bass (of course), drums, then pianos/horns. After that, I added the arps. Once that element was ironed out, all the other pieces gelled perfectly. Then once Dom parts were added, I knew this song was unique and it was going to be a hit.”

Gibbons also talks about his collaboration with Fricot: “I heard Dom on a few records before, and when the song was in what I call the “Demo Phase,” I reached out to him, and the rest was history. He’s a great songwriter and a fantastic singer. He helps take the track to the next level for sure.”

“Don’t Believe What You Hear” came out on August 26, 2022 via Electronic Dance Label Soniquarium. Gibbons signed with them in 2019 for the release of his debut song “Like Yesterday.” Eric Ross, AaYmin, Brav0, Bruce Gibbons, AaYmin, Zkosta, Drizz, Steve Rayner, Lana Scolaro, and Vulture Theory are some of the proficient musicians working with the label. 

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