Bounce With Edel MJ’s New Single ‘Soñando Despierto’

Edel MJ
is not slowing down, and after unveiling his debut single ‘Three Hearts,’ he releases another banger ‘Soñando Despierto.’ Watch below: 

The music video for ‘Soñando Despierto’ has a special energy and vibe. Edel MJ is confident, shows off his acting skills, and proves his talent as he drops sharp lines and one of the fastest flows we’ve witnessed in 2021. Also, can we talk about the chorus? The man can sing! Like, seriously, not only he pulls out fire rap but he reaches all the notes while singing, very impressive stuff. 

‘Soñando Despierto’ is a big basket of a little bit of everything: trap, rap, pop, and electro. The beat can become a bit overwhelming at some point, as we get turns and drops on almost every corner, but Edel MJ pays it back with his stirring vocals. 

Anyway, hands down for delivering a solid single with a super interesting and unique sound.