Boruto’s Science Mission Just Gave Him His Own Lightsaber – With a Twist

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 183, "The Hand," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Boruto anime has recently found its title character slowly beginning to wonder how mature he really is as his development as a shinobi continues. He had to be lectured by Sasuke recently after throwing a fit about scientific ninja tools when Naruto used a prosthetic arm to beat him in a sparring session. Even Mitsuki had to reprimand him regarding their loyalty to Konoha and why his selfish, bratty attitude needed to be left in the past.

Thankfully, in Episode 183, a visit to the science center in Ryutan changes Boruto's perspective on things, and it all has to do with the young ninja getting his own lightsaber. But there's a twist to it that leaves him a bit disappointed.

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When Team 7 and Konoha's science chief, Katasuke, get to the Ryutan lab, the lead scientist there, Akita, is keen on enhancing Naruto's arm. However, that's just part of the mission because when Boruto stormed out on the Hokage, he missed the rest of the debriefing that confirmed they're to test some weapons. He's reluctant but eventually, he can't help but admire things like the wall-crawling gloves and boots; these items conserve chakra that would otherwise be expended to do such a task. There are also smoke-flash bombs -- grenades that dull opponents' five senses -- as well as gliders that really have Boruto thinking twice about his ignorant stance.

Boruto also sees animals being given prosthetic limbs and living happy lives as a result. Akita points out that these tools help everyone to feel whole again and empowered. Still, Boruto's cynical and still not sold... until Katasuke gives him something that's very similar to a lightsaber hilt from Star Wars. As he pushes the button, the handle shoots out a blue streak of light, as if it's drawing from kyber crystals. This, however, is a Chakra Blade, which means it pulls energy from Boruto's body.

He's in awe of such an effective, powerful item, feeling the might of in his hand. As Boruto passes out from using it, Katasuke admits the prototype needs work as it drains too much chakra. Nonetheless, Boruto still confesses that they've all been right -- science represents progress and evolution.

It helps those who lack certain means in the ninja world, and things like this Chakra Blade can further strengthen Konoha's soldiers. As with every tool, all it needs are the right wielders. After coming around, Boruto wants the scientists to make his dad's hand as epic as possible as it protects the Hidden Leaf.

But while he's disappointed he can't get his own Chakra Blade yet, Katasuke -- a big fan of the kid -- vows to get it up and running soon. We've seen a version of it before with soldiers such as Kakashi and Sasuke turning it into a Chidori lightning blade, so Boruto, too, knows he could become even more elite. This can only help him further to blossom and, as Kara and its sadistic warriors are still looming, it'd be intriguing seeing him testing its power out on them.

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