Boruto’s Newest Iron Man Stole a Dangerous Weapon From the Uchiha Clan

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 226, "Samurai vs. Science," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Naruto lore taught fans the hard way that the Uchiha clan wasn't to be trifled with. They hated the xenophobia shown toward them after the Hashirama and Madara era ended, which led to an attempted coup during Naruto's early years. However, thanks to Itachi betraying his people, that was stopped and they were culled, leaving just him and Sasuke as survivors. Now, come the Boruto anime, the Uchihas' greatest gift has shockingly been exploited as Konoha's newest Iron Man just stole a dangerous weapon from them.

It's unraveled when Denki Kaminarimon, one of Katasuke's science acolytes, battled Tsubaki, the young samurai from the Land of Iron in the new Chūnin Exams. Tsubaki waited in the arena with her sword, only to be shocked by Denki arriving in a robotic suit, upgraded from what Katasuke himself wore in the "Kawaki" story arc.

Denki Kaminarimon in Boruto

He's like a mix of RoboCop and the first Iron Man suit Tony Stark built when he got captured, which had Tsubaki thinking it was too heavy and would restrict his speed. But as she swung her blade, Denki used his own lightning jutsu to power the armor, moving at rapid speeds. Topping that off, as he looked through his visor and heads-up display, Denki came off like Neo/The One from The Matrix, knowing Tsubaki's every move and leaving Sarada taking notes.

Luckily, Tsbuaki got wild as less coordination meant Denki couldn't predict her moves and fire blasts at her. That's because she sensed he was using some sort of visual aid, which ended with her breaking the visor and revealing the secret: he and Katasuke copied the Sharingan, the eye that Uchiha soldiers develop.

This weapon has immense range as it amplifies fire and lightning jutsus, not to mention it allows the user to see things beyond ordinary sight. They could slow battles down, predict attacks and use it like a spider-sense, which is what Denki was doing.

Sarada in Boruto anime

Ironically, as Tsubaki moved in to finish him, he electrocuted her and won -- but the fact he tried to use a cyber-Sharingan is disturbing. Sure, it's ambitious and clever in a fight, but it's intrusive and disrespectful as no one asked Sasuke or Sarada for permission. It's their family's dojutsu/eye technique and they need to be consulted if it's to be mimicked to make Boruto's shinobi stronger and faster. Not to mention, it means Katasuke might be trying to copy the Rinnegan too, which is another evolution of the eye that allows teleportation and raising the dead.

Admittedly, the impressed Sarada is too young to know the history and implications. Danzo, after all, stole and augmented his body as a non-Uchiha to accept Sharingans when Sasuke was a teen, powering him as he wanted to rule Konoha. Most of all, if the tech got into the wrong hands, it'd open up the potential for a new breed of wicked precognitive ninja. Ultimately, it's a risky move that reminds Boruto viewers Katasuke had no boundaries in the name of domestic security, which needs to be addressed by Naruto and his council.

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