Boruto’s Latest Medical Decision Leaves Naruto Worried

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Chapter #58, “The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards,” of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

In the Boruto series, Naruto has had many reasons to be worried about his son in the past. Boruto had problems with training, opting to secretly use scientific ninja tools to cheat in exams. This showed he wasn't maturing well in comparison to Sarada and Mitsuki in Team 7. He didn't want to work for his powers, although that's drastically changed recently. Still, the Hokage is concerned his son is regressing due to his rivalry with Kawaki.

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Now, Chapter #58 of the manga has Boruto making a questionable medical decision that leaves Naruto thinking his son is far too rash -- and with good reason.

In the previous Boruto chapter, Amado used his knowledge of Isshiki and his alien clan to create pills to stymie their body possession powers. He gave them to Naruto to hopefully slow down Momoshiki taking over Boruto's body -- but Amado warned there could be side effects, even death. More so, he hasn't tested the tablets, meaning they're unpredictable.

Naruto is now found relaying all this to Boruto at home, and wants him to take the pills in measured doses. He knows Boruto's at risk but wants to give him the choice, rather than force a decision on him. Boruto, however, gobbles some down in the blink of an eye. He doesn't temper the dose, instead making fun of how they have no scent or taste.

At this point, Naruto facepalms as he once more thinks Boruto's an idiot. Yes, he left it to the teen, but he wanted his son to be responsible. Instead, Boruto pops them like vitamins. But in the ensuing discussion, he suggests he's doing so because he's desperate. He's hopeful the science team will find a cure but for now, he has to do all within his power to erase Momoshiki from his body.

Naruto can tell that Boruto is scared, and seeing him try so hard not to be a vessel brings something darker to light. Boruto knows time is running out and that if no cure is found, Momoshiki will destroy Konoha once he comes to life. Naruto no longer has Kurama and Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan eye, so the Hidden Leaf is vulnerable.

As such, Boruto is willing to do whatever is necessary -- even sacrifice his own life -- leaving Naruto wondering what else he can do to comfort his kin. Boruto is masking his anxiety with laughter, making it even more heartbreaking with Naruto feeling so helpless as a leader and father.

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