Boruto’s Latest Fight With Kawaki Takes Toilet Humor Far Too Literally

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 194, "The Uzumaki Household," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

With Naruto finally bringing Kawaki home, it's little surprise that the teen isn't getting along with the Hokage's son, Boruto. It's a dynamic that's eerily similar to Sasuke and Naruto's, with Kawaki coming off sulky and rude like the former, angering Boruto who demands respect for him and his family. He doesn't see why Kawaki's past means he should get a free pass to be a jerk.

As a result, another fight erupts in Episode 194 -- but oddly enough, this one takes toilet humor way too far.

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Kawaki and Boruto have sparred verbally and physically already, but it does seem like Kawaki wants a truce. That is, until the boys wake up and realize they have to pee at the same time. They argue over who gets to go first, with Boruto making it clear that he can't hold it in, and this is his house so he gets dibs. Unfortunately, there's no resolution as the toilet is occupied by Naruto, who shoos them both off to go outside.

The episode then cuts to the two teens peeing on a wooden fence -- right next to each other. Boruto questions why Kawaki's so close but the latter doesn't care to respond. He hates that Boruto thinks he's a freeloader, and with the way Boruto keeps grabbing him by the collar, Kawaki just wants to beat some sense into him. It culminates with Kawaki calling him "shrimp," which, well, let's just say the masculine side of Boruto doesn't take well to this, causing his testosterone and rage to act up.

Sensing he's struck a chord, Kawaki also gets riled up and in the blink of an eye, they begin scrapping -- but it's pretty nasty as they still haven't washed their hands. Yet they're grabbing each other as they fight and scrap in a very unsanitary chain of events. They eventually press up against each other, much too close for comfort, and activate their Karma marks. But just as they're about to collide, Naruto jumps into the mix and grabs them both.

One has to hope Naruto washed his hands before coming out, but it could be that he sent a shadow clone to help the boys make peace. We do see him performing a jutsu on the toilet, but again, knowing Naruto that could be to help his bowel movements as he doesn't need to hold the hand seals to keep the clone running.

That said, this reminds us of a young Naruto and his own love for toilet humor, which annoyed Sasuke and Sakura. Admittedly, Boruto gives it a different spin as it shows both teens are pretty immature. While it is comedic, it's ultimately a tad gross that hygiene, as well as the idea of personal space, are totally ignored because of frail egos.

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