Boruto’s Beautiful New Opening Teases Konoha’s Next Ninja – Naruto’s [SPOILER]

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 231, "The Rusty Sword," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

With the release of Boruto Episode 231, Studio Pierrot has treated viewers to the new Opening 10, which features stunning animation focused on Konoha's next generation of ninja, as well as an upbeat tune from the artist, Flow, titled "Gold." The opening also offers an intriguing spotlight on a very unexpected resident of the Leaf Village -- Naruto's daughter, Himawari.

Himawari Uzumaki, named after both her mother as well as the sunflower, has taken a backseat in the Boruto franchise for a disturbing amount of time. Yet, according to the imagery displayed in Boruto's Opening 10 and cues from the anime, it seems as if Naruto's only daughter may finally be thrust into the world of shinobi.

Opening 10 Offers a Taste of Combat

Kushina and Minato are impaled by Kurama's claw

As Himawari's late grandfather, Minato Namikaze, stated in Naruto Shippuden Episode 249, "Our family is Shinobi!" and it may be time for Himawari to take up that mantle. Boruto Opening 10 depicts a scenario in which Naruto's daughter is kidnapped by doton-wielding bandits. As the beautifully animated Boruto and Kawaki weave in and out of danger, Studio Pierrot treats viewers with a taste of what Himawari might look like in a combat scenario alongside her elder brothers.

In terms of what to expect from Himawari in the near future, it is wise to take Opening 10's key visuals with a grain of salt. Boruto has made a habit of using their openings and endings as showcases for interesting visuals and concepts, for example, Natsuki Yamada's infamous Opening 4. Thus, audiences may not be seeing the exact scene depicted in Opening 10 in the anime.

That said, Boruto openings do always offer insight on where the focus of the animation staff is, as well as easter eggs that provide subtle clues as to what to expect from the series. Seeing as the youngest Uzumaki had been all but forgotten until this point, Ryota Asaoka and the animation staff's choice to use Himawari as the focus of this opening's key action visuals can only mean that Pierrot has plans for the character.

Himawari's Future as a Shinobi


Himawari Uzumaki's potential as a shinobi and key player within the Boruto franchise is not a new topic of discussion. Since her brief stint at the ninja academy in Episode 154 as well as the reappearance of her academy ninja team in Episode 223, fans have speculated on whether Himawari will take up the mantle of being a shinobi like every other member of her family while others question whether that would be a good idea.

The Boruto anime has made it clear that Himawari possesses more than enough aptitude to become a shinobi, with the main contention being her resolve. There is no doubt that with a byakugan potent enough to activate against her own father at eight years old and the potential to access Uzumaki levels of chakra, Himawari would make a powerful ally against the inevitable Otsutsuki threat. Even so, without the famed "will of fire," she still has a ways to go before entering combat alongside Naruto and Boruto.

Until then, Opening 10 has provided fans with heaps of eye candy to speculate over. Himawari's guest appearance brings to mind possibilities of fire-style rotations and lion-fist rasengans, but only time will tell if she will live up to her lineage.

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