Boruto, Vol. 11 Recap & Spoilers: A Major Hero’s Rescued While Kara Breaks Apart

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Vol. 11 by Masashi Kishimoto, Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto, now available in English from Viz Media.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Vol. 11 is one of the most defining entries in the history of the new Team 7. They're on their own after the previous volume saw Jigen, Kara's leader, infiltrate Konoha and do battle with Naruto and Sasuke. Despite jumping to a different dimension to avoid collateral damage, the Konoha-nin couldn't stop the tyrant, resulting in Naruto sacrificing himself so Sasuke could return home.

This volume, however, finds Naruto's son, Sarada, Mitsuki and Kawaki digging deep to bring the Hokage home, in a battle that proves to Jigen he just can't afford to underestimate the new breed of shinobi, as well as people within his own camp.

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Team 7 Battles the Fearsome Boro

Kawaki realizes that from his prosthetic arm, he can track Naruto's chakra signature as the leader imbued it with his energy. Thus, from his own Karma and knowledge of how Jigen uses the mark to teleport, Kawaki combines with Boruto's Karma to open a portal to find Naruto. Unfortunately, they encounter the brute known as Boro, who's holding the Hokage in a special coffin.

As the scrap ensues, Team 7 realizes that their attacks don't damage Boro, who keeps regenerating. More so, his energy blasts inflict heavy damage on them in turn, all because Kawaki and Boruto start losing the ability to absorb the hits. Mitsuki quickly deciphers something's up with the dark mist Boro keeps emitting, and after his snake captures some, Sarada's sharingan deduces it's a virus that weakens their bodies.

The mist is physical, due to a scientific ninja tool as opposed to chakra, which is why the boys can't absorb it. What makes it worse is that now they can't get within range as the cloud's basically a protective barrier of poison, helping Boro defend himself while allowing the tyrant to do as he pleases offensively. This makes Boro one of the most unbeatable opponents they've ever faced.

Sarada Becomes Team 7's Captain

Luckily, Sarada's not as infected yet as she's stayed away from close contact. It's been part of her strategy -- trying to use the Uchiha fire blasts from long-distance per her previous training, but Mitsuki makes it clear she needs to lead them in close-quarters combat as they regroup. Boruto and Kawaki are way too emotional and erratic; plus, their bodies are breaking down from the toxin. Kawaki has no problem with the decision and while Boruto's ego rises up a bit, he gives in to her as a leader.

The captain ends up making the big play after Mitsuki, using some blood his snake also took from Boro, generates antibodies for them. They're all now impervious to the mist, and Sarada uses her unique eyesight to spot the robotic core Kawaki mentioned that Kara puts into its soldiers. Sarada then deploys her Chidori, the lightning blade her dad and Kakashi made popular, to cut Boro open.

This paves the way for Boruto and Kawaki to then combine and create the Unison Rasengan to blow Boro up. The boys are left in awe of Sarada's leadership and tactics, while she's further inspired to follow her dream and be the next Hokage someday. However, the job's not done yet, as Boro emerges in his final behemoth form.

Momoshiki Finally Emerges

With Team 7 almost out of chakra, Boruto's body gets taken over by Momoshiki, who reveals he has to protect his vessel. He saps up some of Naruto's chakra after the boys use their Karma marks to get him out of the coffin, and in the blink of an eye, a floating 'Boruto' then drops the biggest Rasengan ever to incinerate Boro.

The alien isn't fully powered to possess Boruto for good, though, and warns that as he recedes, he'll take over fully and Boruto will lose everything. This leaves Team 7 worried but still grateful for their small victories. They teleport back to Konoha with Naruto, a rejuvenated Sarada, and intel for the science team to study regarding Boruto and Kawaki's marks.

Mitsuki is concerned over the power level Boruto displayed, as is Boruto himself because part of him did enjoy cutting loose with Momoshiki in the driver's seat. He just wants to be exorcised as soon as possible, knowing the story of these aliens and their background with his dad.

Kara Starts to Break

Little do the heroes know Kara's cracking up on the inside thanks to a civil war of their own. After the Konoha brawl, Jigen's left recharging in his lair, only for Koji Kashin to pass Amado, the head scientist, in the hallway and let him know the time's ripe to stab their leader in the back.

It's a jaw-dropping moment as Koji and Amado always stood by Jigen, but this interaction reveals they've been playing him all along, waiting for the right moment when Jigen's drained to kill him. Going after Kawaki in the first place was merely meant to distract Jigen, ensuring he didn't get his vessel. Now they've got the window they need to exact the final stage of their plan -- killing the boss.

Volume 11 of Boruto ends with Jigen as pensive as ever, giving the impression he's not as weak as enemies thought. It could be that he's expecting a traitor or that he's recharged quicker than expected. What's for sure is that Kara isn't as sturdy as we assumed. This takes their inner turmoil to a whole new level because despite seeing petty bickering between Code and Delta, no one guessed there'd be people wanting Jigen gone from within his ranks. It's a development that leaves readers wondering what the cause for the betrayal could be, and what their ultimate endgame is.

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