Boruto: Team 7’s Ultimate Move FINALLY Destroys Their Deadliest Enemy

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 175, "Beyond The Limits!" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Despite all their training, Boruto and Sarada find themselves coming up short against Deepa in Episode 175 of the Boruto anime. Boruto's upgraded his Rasengan after training with Kakashi and Shikadai, while Sarada's improved her Sharingan by working with her parents, Sasuke and Sakura.

However, nothing seems to be working. Deepa's metallic body is impervious to anything they throw at him. Luckily, Team 7 gets a major boost thanks to the return of a key hero, and this allows them to pull off their ultimate move to destroy their deadliest enemy.

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It turns out the mysterious hooded ninja who came with Orochimaru to Victor's lab is indeed Mitsuki. He's gotten organ replacements from Log and while he's not at full-strength, he's ready to help his friends. With him back, they do indeed make a dent in their adversary's defenses, knocking Deepa's skin off to reveal an iron husk he's been hiding underneath. Even then, however, they still don't have the chakra levels to breach this metallic layer. Boruto's upgraded Rasengan just does not pack enough punch.

Thankfully, Boruto doesn't give up, deducing that he needs a higher compression for the energy ball so it can penetrate Deepa's molecules. Once more, this speaks to the science Sasuke told him to embrace, and when Deepa rushes the kid -- angry his true monstrous form is exposed -- Boruto adapts for another Rasengan. Deepa comes down with his fist and make no mistake, if it connected, Boruto would die as all the tyrant wants is to eat him and his friends before devouring the chakra fruit of the God Tree clone.

While he's driven by selfishness and hate, Boruto, using his Rasengan to counter, is driven by altruism and a desire to protect the shinobi world, much like Naruto. But while they seem to reach a stalemate, Mitsuki and Sarada get behind Boruto and use a chakra infusion. Mitsuki improvizes his Sage Mode to power Boruto up like a battery while Sarada uses her Sharingan and manipulates the chakra flow to focus Boruto's move.

The trifecta creates a super-compressed ball that blows Deep away, smashing his armor and leaving him exposed at last. He clings to life, with Boruto himself left exhausted after exerting himself. But the team doesn't get the killing blow in, unfortunately, as the tree collapses on Deepa and the ground caves in. Granted, he could be alive still but seeing as he's not in the manga after all this, it's more likely he's dead.

This combo is something unique that not even Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura could do at such a young age. It's perfect teamwork, showing that the teens are growing. They're erasing weaknesses by building each other's strengths up and viewers will no doubt be eager to see what other moves they can pull off as an ensemble.

However, as epic as this fight was, the drawback is that Boruto's Karma mark may have been disturbed, which means Momoshiki may appear again to toy with him soon enough.

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