Boruto: Team 7 Shouldn’t Be Weirded Out By Katasuke’s Fan Girl – Here’s Why

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 184, "Puppets," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto manga, Katasuke hasn't been fleshed out as much, but the anime has offered tremendous insight into Naruto's science chief. He's been at the heart of Konoha's progress, also helping to evolve other shinobi nations, but still, he's a nerdy goofball and someone who really annoys Team 7.

In the current Vessel retrieval arc, Katasuke gets a fan girl, and Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada shouldn't be weirded out by someone finding Katasuke a total hunk.

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The fan girl is none other than Akita of the Inuzuka clan, the same clan as Naruto's ally Kiba and his dog Akamaru. Members of the Inuzaka clan are really close to their animals, using them in the field as trackers in important missions. When Akita's hound Chamaru lost its leg, it was Katasuke who saved the animal. He built Chamaru a prosthetic limb, and Akita's crush on this supportive scientist has kept growing.

The young ninja squad gets the full story when they visit Ryutan, where Akita is heading up the lab. What shocks them most is how she's constantly blushing and not hiding how in love she is with Katasuke, who's unsurprisingly obvious. She calls him "my Katasuke" at all turns, and as they hear how passionate she is about saving lives too, inspired by the scientist, they do understand.

His work encouraged her to become his assistant and now she's branched off on her own. She can't help but be grateful Katasuke passed down what he knew and now she's doing the same, helping other villages with the likes of Sumire under her wing. Sarada thinks it's cute, but Boruto just can't believe someone could be in love with Katasuke that much.

Still, Akita is a bit obsessed, calling him handsome and other affectionate adjectives in ways that make Team 7 a bit uncomfortable. Even so, it makes sense that Katasuke's kindness and genius would win him such an intense admirer. Naruto trusts him for those same qualities, after all. As Akita states, there just aren't many people like Katasuke around.

As they leave to investigate the Kara airship, Akita begs Team 7 to take care of Katasuke. The relationship between Akita and Katasuke blends romance and comedy in a way not usually seen in Boruto. While Boruto is still weirded out, everyone else is rooting for Katasuke and hoping he opens his eyes to Akita's advances.

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