Boruto: Sumire’s Latest Mission Is Her Most Dangerous

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 195, "A Vase," as well as Chapter #56 of the manga. 

Sumire has undergone quite a drastic transformation in the Boruto series. She's gone from someone meant to destroy Konoha with her beast, Nue, to someone who may well have a romantic future with Boruto. In addition to that, she's been working steadfastly with the science team in the Hidden Leaf to continue the evolution of the Land of Fire.

However, recent developments in both the anime and manga concerning Kawaki have confirmed her latest job will be her most dangerous yet.

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Sumire As A Genin Training To Become A Better Ninja
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When Kawaki came to Ryutan after the Konoha-nin found him, he ran away, only for Sumire to help him out. She saw how at-risk he was and sympathized as she was also used and turned into a child soldier by Kara. In Boruto Chapter #56, Sumire returns to Konoha full-time and officially becomes Kawaki's babysitter. She rejoins Katasuke's team to complete her training, observing Amado as he puts a replacement arm on the boy and helping to administer meds. Kawaki is annoyed by this -- throwing barbs her way -- but Sumire dismisses this, understanding he's a brat that she has to take care of.

There are a couple of problems with this, however, as shadowing Kawaki will directly put her in the line of fire. The first case is due to Code wanting him dead. Kawaki is responsible for killing Jigen, after all, and seeing as Code's been made his successor, he wants revenge. Sumire will try to help him if she's around but given Code's power, she won't stand a chance. He's basically the second version of Jigen, so even with Nue by her side, a potential fight would be one-sided. To make things worse, Code's going to savor this once he knows how valuable she is to Boruto, as he hates Naruto and his kid.

The second problem is one closer to home -- and it involves Amado. Sumire's honed in on Amado's suspicious activity and thinks he's a spy or a traitor. Sure, she's glad he betrayed Kara and helped Naruto's team take Jigen out, but Sumire can tell he's hiding more secrets.

The fact that Amado has a new arm ready for Kawaki, and he's gaining intel on Naruto, Sasuke and just about everything from Katasuke's lab is too convenient. Sumire doesn't trust him at all, which is why she's sticking close to Kawaki to protect him. If she investigates too much, though, she could learn some shady stuff about Amado, endangering herself even further. Amado always has a trump card up his sleeve. He could easily kill her if he has dirt to hide.

The idea is an intriguing move, though, as placing her in danger would kickstart a possible love triangle between her, Boruto and Kawaki. Hopefully, they won't be too late to protect her if things get out of hand, but one thing's for sure -- Sumire is too close to the fire, with not idea how toxic it really is for her.

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