Boruto: [SPOILER] Betrays Jigen in the War Within Kara

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 176, "Blockade the A-Un Gate," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Boruto's manga, fans were privy to the civil war brewing inside the Kara terrorist cell, which made it a bit shocking that it was brought to light so quickly in the anime that's set some ways before. We saw Deepa ridiculing Victor for wanting to be more than an Outer member, making it clear they were outsiders and pawns who should look at running the world their own way.

Victor seemed loyal to the Inners, aka the higher-ups, though, thinking he'd someday make it into the council. Admittedly, it seemed like that went out the window when he died thanks to the God Tree clone. However, the latest episode finds the medical tycoon alive and well, but Victor has just made the dumb decision to betray Jigen.

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It's unclear how Victor survived the tree trying to devour him, but he's in a secret facility. But he's missing limbs and hooked up to an I.V., clearly in a terrible state as he speaks to Jigen via hologram. Jigen wants to ascertain why they cloned a tree without his permission, but Victor pins the fiasco on Deepa. It's a lie as he was the one who wanted the chakra fruit, but seeing as he collected Deepa's remains after the fight with Boruto's Team 7, Victor can make him the scapegoat.

Still, Jigen senses Victor's lying and that he was the mastermind. However, he wants to keep the peace as there's a bigger plan at play. Jigen mentions the "vessel,", i.e. the body Jigen wants to be reborn in to harness his full potential -- which fans know from the manga is Kawaki -- and Victor admits it's intact, despite Konoha's interference. Jigen scolds him and warns Victor not to get out of line again, but when the comm. link closes off, Victor makes a snide remark that doesn't bode well.

He's ticked off that his leader continues to treat him like a child and with obvious distrust, so Victor says he'll make the vessel his. It's clear he's going to backstab Jigen to steal Kawaki's body for himself. It makes sense because his science team has been responsible for engineering and tampering with Kawaki to make him the ideal soldier, but it remains to be seen how Victor will use the vessel. We don't know if he has forbidden ninja techniques up his sleeve to transplant his spirit into the boy's frame or if he'll use science to put his consciousness in Kawaki's body.

Nonetheless, as his body is deteriorating, Victor needs a new one ASAP and he doesn't mind double-crossing Jigen to attain it. It does show, though, he doesn't know who or what Jigen is, and why Kawaki is so important. The teen's Jigen's key to ruling the world, so the consequences will be dark and dire once the boss finds out what's going on. Jigen can forgive the tree, but this transgression, as manga fans know, would hamper his real intentions and sadly, it's a situation Victor won't be able to weasel his way out of.

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