Boruto Reveals the Tragic Aftermath of [SPOILER]’s Death

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 193, "Coexistence," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Boruto's anime, the story gives a lot more insight into Mugino, one of Naruto's most trusted soldiers -- as opposed to the manga, where he was basically glossed over. The result is by the time Ao killed him on behalf of Kara, Mugino had already become something of an older brother-like figure for Boruto, making his loss hurt that much more.

Now, Episode 193 shows the aftermath of Mugino's tragic death as Boruto heads back to his apartment to grieve, not realizing another ally's about to show up to do the same.

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Before he died, Mugino taught Boruto a lot in this apartment about social equality, as he was basically broke from donating all his earnings to charity. Mugino was a war orphan and an assassin, as well as a child soldier the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi redeemed and brought to the Hidden Leaf. Sadly, the Third would die before seeing the reformed Mugino again, but this inspired him to work with Konohamaru, Hiruzen's grandson, and help change the village for the better.

Seeing the apartment empty hits home hard for Boruto in this latest episode. Mugino really was the best mentor he had. And so, in his memory, Boruto decides to feed Mugino's turtle. He reminisces about how Mugino gave him flowers for his mom's birthday -- a sentimental respite from Boruto's usual bantering over ramen with Team 7. This is when Konohamaru shows up and is shocked to see Boruto there as he didn't know Boruto and Mugino were that close.

Boruto explains to Konohamaru why Mugino (who didn't believe in material things) kept the apartment empty, and Konohamaru gets the picture. Boruto even knows where the floors are weak. Though Konohamaru can tell even his relationship with Boruto isn't that brotherly, he loves that it shows Mugino's human side -- something he didn't see much of when he was alive. The two of them exchange Mugino stories, with Konohamaru mentioning how Mugino was always broke at the bar, and the two of them laugh away.

But when Konohamaru finds a picture of his grandfather, he starts to wonder how much he didn't know about Mugino. Boruto doesn't give him the full story as it's not his place -- or maybe he doesn't think the timing's right -- but he does admit the Third was a major factor in Mugino wanting to be a hero.

Given that he sacrificed himself, in the same way, is bitterly poetic but ultimately, both know Mugino would be proud that he could help them retrieve Kawaki. As they sign off, while the turtle keeps biting Boruto, it's gentle with Konohamaru, who decides to adopt it. It reminds Boruto that he has another big brother around. Honoring Mugino's memory and legacy will be something they do together.

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