Boruto Reveals a Key Insight Into Kara’s Civil War

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167, "Their Decision," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Kara introduction in the Boruto anime was disappointing, but the show has made up by introducing their version of the Joker, Deepa. He's a war machine who's killed a lot of shinobi, and beat down Boruto's Team 7 to show that his terrorist organization is a much bigger threat than anticipated. However, in episode 167, the cracks in the foundation appear with the first hints of a civil war taking place in Kara, something fans of the manga are all too familiar with.

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This insight is gleaned when Deepa takes the Hashirama Cell for Victor, the medical tycoon, to study. Their job was to retrieve it for Kara and while it's been a successful mission, it went off with some minor hitches. Victor had to come out of the shadows, revealing he's not just a corporate magnate that had Konoha's ninjas come over to help. By beating down Konohamaru and Mugino, he's exposed himself and now, Konoha are sending agents to investigate.

All of this could have been avoided if Deepa didn't go on the warpath, instead staying focused and hunting the Haze Ninjas. But no, his love for chaos saw him go after Hidden Cloud ninjas and then tussle with Team 7, all for amusement. Victor's pissed but while he berates Deepa, the anarchist laughs it off. He tells Victor to lighten up because he's trying too hard to please Kara. No matter what, they won't ever be considered true council members, just pawns. This angers the old man who basically calls Deepa a hothead and a loser. And as good as he is in the field, we know Deepa is a liability so it's understood why he isn't an "inner." But Victor is someone we see as professional and calculating, so it's surprising to hear the council has reservations about him.

This leads to Deepa hitting back, poking fun at Victor, who while he's an "inner," apparently bribed his way in. Deepa tells him he's only been accepted because his medical company has made sizeable monetary donations, as well as in terms of technology. It's a scathing jab, which draws Victor's ire like never before. But as usual, Deepa finds his reaction amusing and heads off for a new mission.

They do come close to blows but Victor, as much as he wants to kill Deepa, shows restraint for the sake of the mission. This hints at Kara's civil war, which is a big deal in the manga. Many members of the council often go at each other's throats, so this disagreement foreshadows what's the come within the seedy cabal. Given that Deepa exists only in the anime, maybe Victor will find a way to kill him for the betterment of the group.

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