Boruto Revealed Kawaki’s Best Teammate – and It’s Not Boruto or Sarada

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 230, "A Wish," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, Kawaki has found it difficult to relate to the teens in Konoha. They couldn't stand his brazen attitude, as well as how he constantly disparaged aspiring shinobi in the Hidden Leaf. However, Boruto and Sarada kept plugging away to inculcate him into the fraternity, steadfast in their belief he'll eventually warm to their larger family. Episode 230, however, reveals that as much wisdom as they share, neither of them is his best teammate -- instead, it's someone not even from Team 7.

Kawaki has been impressed with Boruto's Team 7, but not enough that he wants to join. It's why he was sent with Team 10 on another mission to escort Mozuku to the Land of Calm Seas, only to run into conflict with Shikadai and Chōchō. Thankfully, Boruto and Shikadai helped him fend off assassins, but the toll was dire.

Shikadai helps Kawaki mourn after Mozuku's death in Boruto

Mozuku died and Chōchō was wounded badly, with Kawaki himself passing out and waking up at a Konoha hospital. When he discharged himself, he felt broken -- Mozuku had sacrificed himself to save him, leading to Kawaki rethinking the idea of family. This attachment and loss left him guilty and shouldering a burden he never felt before. Kawaki had not been groomed to care by Kara's terrorists, who only used him as a weapon.

Luckily, Shikadai intercepted him and proved to be what a depressed Kawaki needed. He escorted him to their iconic cemetery, showing him where all the Konoha-nin were buried after years of wars. Shikadai revealed his grandfather's grave and expounded how Shikaku and other heroes fought tooth and nail so the teens could enjoy the present. But more so, he reminded Kawaki that death is a natural part of life.

But rather than come off stiff and robotic, Shikadai oozed compassion and empathy, claiming responsibility as he was the team leader. He confessed they all had to share in the failures of such missions and that Kawaki cannot beat himself up moving forward -- a throwback to Naruto when his father, Shikamaru, consoled Naruto after Jiraiya's death.

Shikadai helps Kawaki mourn after Mozuku's death in Boruto

Letting go, after all, is what Mozuku would have wanted for Kawaki to evolve into a better hero, honing and harnessing his full potential. Kawaki listened attentively, showing a mature, responsible Shikadai respect that he hasn't show anyone else so far in Boruto.

The icing on the cake came later, when Naruto met the forlorn teen on the Hokage Mountain and confirmed Shikadai gave Kawaki a passing grade. It made him a genin as Shikadai was impressed how selfless the outsider was. This belief inspired Kawaki to be better, leaving him eager to work with Shikadai down the line due to the professionalism and camaraderie the latter exuded, reminding Naruto he can indeed rely on his young leaders.

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