Boruto: Naruto & Kakashi Just Had Their Most POWERFUL Moment

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 176, "Blockade the A-Un Gate," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Naruto franchise had quite a few emotional moments between Naruto and his sensei Kakashi. The sequence where Kakashi brought him back to the village after he stopped the Akatsuki stands out most, but there are others where the veteran ninja stood in awe at how Naruto was surpassing his dad, Minato, eventually growing up to be Hokage too. However, the latest episode of Boruto offers up their most powerful moment to date, showing how much trust and respect Kakashi has for his ex-student.

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Naruto's in between a rock and a hard place as his council confirms there's a spy in Konoha who relayed intel to the Kara terrorists on the Momoshiki fight. Shikamaru advises he closes borders from outsiders so they can investigate properly in a controlled environment, but Naruto's torn as he doesn't want to isolate Konoha again and plant seeds of doubt in the alliance. Kakashi and Tsunade, another preceding Hokage, are both there but ultimately, everyone leaves the decision up to Naruto.

Later, as he walks the village and sees the youth trying to build a device to connect to and radio in with other teens in nearby villages, Naruto knows he can't place invisible barriers up. However, it's his conversation with Kakashi that really motivates him, as Kakashi offers up a lesson about acceptance, tolerance and how hard decisions must be made no matter what.

In the process, Kakashi leaves it all up to Naruto, making it clear that the right choice will be whatever Naruto makes. He's pure of heart and does right by everyone, so Kakashi is ready to follow his leader on whatever decision is formalized. He makes it clear Naruto's no longer the bright-eyed boy who annoyed everyone, but someone steeped in emotion, love and kindness. Some diplomats and politicians see this as a flaw, but Kakashi admires it as a strength.

Kakashi is adamant Naruto's as perfect a leader as they could ever ask for, which boosts the Hokage's confidence. He's always sought Kakashi's blessing in the past, as he's a father-figure and the mentor that knows him, Sasuke and Sakura best. This exchange is personal -- Kakashi is not necessarily speaking to the administrative side of Naruto, but the man.

He's proud as any father could be, throwing back to how long he took to accept his own dad, Sakumo, who committed suicide after being ridiculed for trying to save teammates. Kakashi felt his dad was wrong as he should have been bound by duty and mind, but later, he'd understand a true ninja is bound by heart; something he sees every day as Naruto matures. It's why he's beaming with pride, which encourages Naruto to be as humanitarian as ever.

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