Boruto: Naruto Homages a Major Jiraiya Moment

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 195, "A Vase," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Naruto, the legendary Sannin Jiraiya played a crucial role in the young shinobi's development. As much as Kakashi and Iruka mentored Naruto, Jiraiya was the one who truly put him on the path to becoming Hokage, helping him harness the Nine-Tail Demon Fox, Kurama, and his Sage Mode. He'd also reveal key secrets about Naruto's parents, but sadly, Jiraiya died, which inspired Naruto more.

Now, come Boruto, Naruto shows just how much he learned from his old mentor in a moment of kindness that's a page right out of the old "Pervy Sage's" book.

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In "Assemble," Episode 122 of Naruto: Shippuden, Jiraiya took Naruto to Ichiraku Ramen, knowing how hungry he was after their ramped-up training. It was Jiraiya's treat, as usual, but more so, he used it to get Naruto's guard down more. He learned about Naruto's personality and outlook, especially regarding protecting the Hidden Leaf. After all, Jiraiya knew the power the jinchuriki held within and, as they ate, was pleased to hear Naruto talking about redeeming Sasuke.

Naruto promised Sakura he'd do it and, at that moment, Jiraiya knew he was a firm believer in hope and optimism -- someone who wouldn't just lie down and let things get bad. Naruto didn't care about the Akatsuki skulking around,or how Sasuke went rogue -- he was adamant his friend had good in him and that he get a chance to prove it. While they spoke, Naruto ran out of meat, prompting Jiraiya to take his chopsticks and slip him a piece. It was a nice moment between student and mentor, as it showed Jiraiya acknowledging Naruto's resolve by rewarding him with the one thing he's a sucker for: food.

Naruto now does the same when he takes Kawaki for his first ramen meal at Ichiraku. They're in the same seating area and, just as Jiraiya gave him a lesson on war and personalities, Naruto offers a Kawaki a lesson himself. It's less serious, but still a key one: Kawaki has to learn to share and be polite.

He's reluctant to accept it but Naruto can tell he's processing the advice. He then slips him an extra piece of meat, the same way Jiraiya did, smiling. He knows he's become a father and teacher to Kawaki, the same way Jiraiya did for him. And just like that one small act of kindness impacted on him, Naruto wants to show the same love to Kawaki so that he never leans towards Jigen or Kara.

It brings Naruto's story with Jiraiya full-circle as he too is dealing with a weaponized kid. More so, he can sense Kawaki's potential to be a legendary ninja, so that's why Naruto wants to pass everything on that the great Jiraiya handed down.

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