Boruto: Konohamaru Just Made Another STUPID Decision

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 175, "Beyond The Limits!" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Naruto series, Konohamau was a feisty young lad who wanted to be the next Naruto, even copying his ambitions as Hokage. He'd mentor under the hero and as fate would have it, in the Boruto continuation, he has lived up to his potential in the field. He's become one of the best ninja Konoha has to offer, in fact, feared for his Rasengan as well.

However, as Episode 175 reminds us, Konohamaru is prone to making stupid decisions and his latest one could undo everything Naruto and the alliance worked hard for after the Kaguya war ended.

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Konohamaru's struggling against Victor, the Kara Outer, in the latest episode of the anime, who's unleashing a barrage of attacks: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Lightning. He hasn't seen a ninja like this since his grandfather, the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, but luckily, Orochimaru joins in to battle Victor. Admittedly, the snake ninja's really just here to recover the Hashirama Cell, not to save Konohamaru, though. (Funny, given that Orochimaru killed Hiruzen when he betrayed Konoha.)

The fight's a tough one but it ends with Victor losing and Orochimaru getting the God Tree clone for himself. However, he uses his four snakes to burn the tree with black Amaterasu-like flames, entrapping it in a chakra box so it can incinerate totally. But the most shocking moment comes when he tells Konohamaru to tend to Boruto, Mitsuki and Sarada against the cannibalistic Deepa... and Konohamaru just leaves.

This may be a big mistake: leaving Orochimaru alone with the tree could allow the villain to extract pieces of it for his own sinister experiments. It's well-known that he was obsessed with making another Hashirama and infusing the genetics into his own clones, so Konohamaru really should have stuck around. After all, it's precisely what Naruto has Yamato and Co. doing, monitoring Orochimaru closely as he simply can't trust him.

Even more stupid is the fact that Konohamaru was literally just told the snake ninja wants the DNA back, which is the foundation of the God Tree. Also, he knows of the war that transpired with Kaguya even though he was young at the time, so it's obvious this is a weapon Orochimaru cannot have as it could enslave the planet again, draining everyone's chakra. Basically, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction has now been left with the wrong person.

What's worse is that this tree can be used against Naruto and Sasuke, or to even pull the Tailed-Beasts from their hosts to make a new Ten-Tails. It could could even lead to some Kaguya experiments, even cloning, as she was the last one to command a tree. Orochimaru's sinister glance leaves us thinking he's secretly recovered bits and pieces for these purposes already. Ultimately, this goes beyond Konohamaru not knowing to ask for a radio to communicate back to base, or to use shape-shifting on stealth missions; this is an amateur mistake from someone who's way too old to be a rookie.

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