Boruto: Kara’s War General Could Be Its Latest Traitor

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 183, "The Hand," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Kara is neck-deep in turmoil right now in the Boruto anime, and all of it is coming from within. A civil war broke out with Victor and Deepa trying to betray Jigen, and while the boss had them killed, they've been dealt a major blow as the Vessel has been lost outside of Konoha.

That disloyalty left Jigen scrambling to figure out who else might be spies within his camp, with Amado, his chief scientist, secretly investigating the group. However, the latest traitor may well be someone that has remained low-key amid all the backstabbing recently -- his war general, Boro.

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In Episode 183, Amado claims he's fixing Delta and Code's bodies to perform optimally in the field. In truth, he's running lie detection and other tests to see if they're plotting against Jigen. As this occurs, it raises questions on if Boro's the traitor who sabotaged the project per Victor's last words as he's hardly around. Moments after criticizing him, calling him a fraud and greedy, Boro ironically appears via hologram.

Boro laughs at everyone for being weak and indicates he, not Kojo Kashin, should be the main man to get the Vessel back. At this point, it's clear none of these teammates like each other, but Amado spots a red flag when Boro refuses to partake in maintenance. It seems Boro suspects that Amado is bugging them and is actively avoiding it, making up an excuse not to visit the lab. Boro even tells Amado to come to him as he's too busy right now.

His odd behavior and insubordinate words feel uncalled for, especially as Amado doesn't consider Boro a lapdog. Amado's skeptical about this rebellious attitude, especially since Boro has a knack for going missing during critical intervals. He even went cold as the Vessel's air transfer happened, leaving the scientist with serious questions about the warrior.

The other noteworthy moment comes as Boro departs, laughing at how Victor got killed for his betrayal. However, the twist is that he wasn't briefed on that information, leaving Code and Delta cynical. Now they're not only wondering if Boro is spying from within but if he's got eyes on agents -- both Inner and Outer members -- on the outside too.

Since Boro isn't keen on making contact or sticking around to speak to Jigen, it worries Amado even more, seeing that as blatant disrespect towards their leader. Amado pretends he's brushing it off, but he's now entertaining the idea Boro might not be who he says he is.

Boro's eagerness to stay away and sole interest in retrieving the Vessel suggests he may be going behind Jigen's back and doesn't want to risk an interrogation just yet, especially as the boss might appear and snuff him out.

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