Boruto: Kara’s Newest Warrior Almost Killed Naruto’s [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 166, "Death Match," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Boruto anime has taken its time to bring the terrorist group Kara to light. While their initial arrival was disappointing, their intimidation factor has been slowly ramping up courtesy of Deepa as he hunts the Hashirama Cell. Kara wants results ASAP, but Deepa's love for chaos and bloodshed isn't the subtle approach they envisioned as the trail of bodies he leaves constantly draws attention.

His reckless attitude has now resulted in a new warrior entering the fray, and it's none other than the medical tycoon, Victor. And make no mistake, his entrance into the battlefield almost leaves a lasting impression as he nearly kills Naruto's protege, Konohamaru.

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Victor initially asked Konoha to send aid to help recover the DNA, with Boruto and Team 7 coming over to investigate under the watch of Konohamaru and the eccentric Mugino. Victor was soon found to be deceitful, unleashing Deepa but begging him not to kill too many people. At that point, it became clear Victor was working for Kara, but while we thought it was from a boardroom perspective, the old man can double as an agent in the field.

With Deepa beating down Team 7, Victor arrives to take on Konohamaru and Mugino a short distance away. He evens up the numbers for Deepa and gets to show the youngsters what he can really do. The veteran doesn't disappoint at all, using lightning-speed to the point it seems like he's teleporting. He can generate muscular arms, allowing him to weave more and stronger jutsus, leaving fans wondering if he implanted some of Hashirama's DNA into himself.

Victor -- walking stick and all -- schools the young adults here and reminds them that they have a lot of work to do. He bashes Mugino's face in and while Konohamaru puts up a better fight, Victor can harness fire and lightning, coming off like a Konoha shinobi himself. It's ironic as his skills are similar to Konohamaru who worshipped Naruto as a kid and patterned his career after the Hokage. Naruto became his mentor and big brother, so it'd definitely hit home hard if Konohamaru got killed, especially as his grandad, Hiruzen, looked after Naruto as a kid.

Luckily, Konohamaru and Mugino avoid death as Victor instructs Deepa to flee with the DNA after checking on him to see why he took so long. Victor abandons strangling Konohamaru, and with Team 7 retreating thanks to Mitsuki, licking their wounds, the veteran decides it's best he and Deepa head off as well. After all, murdering Naruto's subjects would bring too much heat their way too soon. His civilian identity's gone now, though, so it seems the anime is exposing Victor as an inner-member of Kara much quicker than anticipated. The manga didn't give us this backstory so it's most welcome seeing Victor fleshed out more and as Deepa departs with the DNA, Victor will surely have more of Konoha's elite coming after him.

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