Boruto: Kara’s Joker Just Claimed Two Major Casualties

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 166, "Death Match," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Boruto anime has certainly made up for its underwhelming debut of the terrorist army Kara with the group's psychopathic version of the Joker known as Deepa. He set off to find the Hashirama Cell himself but immediately started killing innocents, drawing attention to his mission which we know Kara wouldn't endorse.

Deepa's a rogue of the highest order, loving anarchy and ultimately, doing things his way as he wants to have fun on the job. He even murdered a couple of Lightning shinobi from the Hidden Cloud, sending a warning to the bigger nations. And now, as he hunts some ninjas from a lesser-known region, the Land of Haze, Deepa claims a couple more casualties to remind everyone that he's a compulsive killer.

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Even if it's stopping in bars or restaurants for sustenance, Deepa won't leave anyone alive. It's his signature, it seems, which Victor (his handler on this mission) worries will expose Kara. And so, the uncontrollable Deepa sets his eyes on Asaka, who's heading home to sell the Hashirama Cell so he can help rebuild the derelict area. Thankfully, Hiruga has ceased his deadly battle with Boruto and Team 7, forming a temporary alliance as he knows he needs numbers to help his brother.

He's gotten world about Deepa's deadly abilities after the villain left Omoi, the Hidden Cloud general, alive to tell of his close call. Immediately, all differences are put aside for now, with Hiruga actually realizing the altruistic Boruto is the kind of person who could undo Naruto's false promises to help villages at risk. But that sense of hope and optimism comes to a swift end when Asaka meets Hiruga. Hiruga's actually attacked by Asaka, who thinks it's a doppelgänger from Konoha, not realizing he's a target for a much more sinister predator.

Just when he discovers it's really his brother, Deepa comes out of nowhere and strikes Hiruga down with his unique projectiles. It happens in the blink of an eye and as the cloud of dust surrounding the battlefield clears, Asaka's out cold too. This leads to Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki fighting Deepa, while Konohamaru and Mugino take on Victor. But it doesn't go according to plan as Deepa's indestructible, beating down the kids with ease. However, just as Deepa places his foot on Boruto's chest to finish the job, we see Asaka slowly crawling over, offering the DNA to the tyrant.

Asaka sees Hiruga's dead body and it seems like he's given up. However, it's a trap because when Deepa gets in range, Asaka activates his suicidal Jutsu, the Red Spider Lily, which surrounds him and Deepa in a red flame. It's meant to incinerate them but due to Deepa's mysterious metallic body, he survives while the forbidden technique reduces Asaka to ashes. Luckily, Mitsuki escapes with his allies, but as Deepa heads off with his prize, they can't help but feel like they've failed the Haze Ninjas. More so, Deepa's left a trail of bodies in his wake to hint to the alliance that something terrible is coming their way very soon.

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