Boruto: Kara’s Civil War ALMOST Kills a Key Inner Member

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 185, "Tools," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As the Boruto anime continues to provide deeper insight into the inner-workings of Kara, more cracks are becoming visible within the terrorist organization than the manga implied. The group is facing a civil war between soldiers who absolutely hate each other, leading to wild accusations without evidence now that the Vessel has crashed outside of Konoha.

Despite Deepa and Victor dying after incurring Jigen's wrath for their transgressions, the group's still distrustful of each other as they try to suss out more spies. This leads to a confrontation in Episode 185 where an Inner member almost gets killed -- and it's someone who Jigen wouldn't want to lose.

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In the previous Boruto episode, Code overheard Jigen and Amado discussing how the excuse of maintenance was used to check their robotic bodies to see if they wandered out and betrayed the leader. Code realizes that there must be a traitor still within ranks, so he attacks Delta when she's training and testing out her upgrades.

She's accustomed to wrecking age-old pillars in their lair, but suddenly one's sliced and dropped on her. Luckily, Delta smashes it to pieces with her foot, only to see Code atop the remains slyly laughing. They begin to argue with Code accusing her of being a traitor, while Delta believes Code would be the one to benefit if Jigen didn't have the vessel anymore. But just as they're about to properly scrap, Amado, the chief scientist, steps down and intervenes.

He talks them out of it because he doesn't think violence will help the cause. However, when Code breaks the news about how Amado invaded their privacy and ran diagnostics without them knowing, Delta's infuriated. She insists she's as loyal as they come and that Amado is the rat. She rushes him at lightning speed but pulls out with her hand right at his throat. This chop would have decapitated him, but Amado surprisingly didn't flinch. Instead, he tells her if she thinks he's a fiend, she should follow through and kill him to protect the integrity of Kara.

Delta admits that a spy might not say that, but that this could be misdirection to win their trust. This thought only seeds more doubt and paranoia into the room. Delta's playing her own game, but it's a smart decision not to harm Amado. He's responsible for the Vessel, the team's cyber-bodies and Jigen's health, and if he got taken out, Delta and Code would have had to pay the ultimate price.

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