Boruto Confirms Konoha’s Most Selfless Ninja Isn’t Naruto – It’s [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 224, "Bakaneko Legend," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Naruto fans loved seeing the titular young shinobi aspire to be Hokage, aka the leader of Konoha, for years. It was a story filled with heart and soul, with Naruto proving to be as selfless as ever in his willingness to help others. He inspired many heroes in the process -- even redeeming quite a few villains as well -- but as the Boruto anime now reveals, Naruto isn't the Hidden Leaf's most selfless ninja.

This is officially Iwabe, the feisty young shinobi who fights Wasabi in the Chūnin Exam. They've been friends and foes in the past, but now it's a healthy rivalry as they vow to graduate in style. But as Wasabi uses her feline powers and Iwabe tries to defeat her with his staff, a key conversation mid-battle changes things drastically.

Wasabi fighting Iwabe in Boruto

In Boruto Episode 224, Iwabe makes it clear he wants to be the next Hokage. Wasabi, though, laments how her family isn't one from a high-powered bloodline, thus she could never dream of being in such a position. Simply put, the role's out of reach and to her, "lowly" people such as her clan and Iwabe's don't deserve that accolade.

This angers Iwabe, who then uses his hammer and Earth jutsu to generate a giant rock formation to carve. He hates hearing Wasabi confess her family has exaggerated her powers, and that the scroll her grandmother gifted her really doesn't have a giant monster cat inside. It's all doubt, derision and a lack of belief, which essentially has a self-loathing Wasabi insulting her family to the point her parents cover her grandma's ears in the audience.

Iwabe then hacks away to teach her a lesson and show her a cat "as big as mountains," like her grandma said existed, can be real. As such, he creates the golem, leaving Wasabi in awe. But as the rocks crumble to fall on the tired Iwabe, Wasabi grabs the scroll, turns into the monster cat and saves him. It turns out her grandmother was right -- she did have a powerful jutsu waiting for the girl, something the family only wanted to hand down to a worthy chosen one. Wasabi is proud but repentant as she knows she shouldn't have turned her back on her people, but the problem is, the fight can't continue as Iwabe's out cold.

Iwabe in Boruto Anime

Konohamaru deems Wasabi the winner as her opponent has no chakra left, opting to sacrifice his shot at advancing just to encourage Wasabi. It's a move not even Naruto would perform, as it's a blow for anyone who ascribes to be Hokage and wants to affect change.

It's admirable how Iwabe dents his own progress to save Wasabi and her confidence, which shows Naruto has rubbed off on the future generation in Boruto. Ultimately, it's also foolish of the usually-petulant Iwabe but everyone, especially the Hokage, is impressed as the patient teen shows he does care for others -- even if it's at the expense of his own career.

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