Boruto Confirms How [SPOILER] Tried To Betray Kara

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 179, "Victor's Scheme," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, it initially seemed Victor and Deepa would be loyal to Kara, desperately trying to become Inner members. Now it's revealed both warriors had immense chips on their shoulders. They tried to hijack Jigen's God Tree plan, but that didn't go according to plan, resulting in Deepa's death and Victor's body being damaged badly to the point regeneration jutsus don't work for him.

Now, Episode 179 takes the civil war to a new level when the bitter and jealous Victor enacts a plan to betray his master and sabotage Kara.

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Victor teleports into Amado's lair for the Kara chief medical scientist to check on his failing body. He's not recovering as quickly as before and Amado wonders if it makes sense to build him new body parts. Either way, Victor's on his final legs, which pisses him off after getting so close to achieving immortality with the God Tree. During the session, he goes into a coma, leaving Amado to tend to other colleagues while Victor recuperates.

Shockingly, this is all part of a twisted plan. Victor awakens in the lab, having induced himself into this coma. He faked it so that when he's alone, he can snoop around and hack data on Jigen's vessel. Manga readers know this precious item is Kawaki, and the anime shows the special chamber with robots guarding the kid in a stasis unit.

Victor uses a robotic bug to collect all the intel he needs on Kawaki's body and the "Phase Three" Jigen wants Amado to now kick into high gear. Victor realizes they're going to be using the ninja as part of military tests so he hurries with his information-gathering process on the super-soldier. It's all so he can use Kawaki's data to enhance his own body but it then dawns on him, if Jigen needs transport, there's a window of opportunity for him to capitalize on.

Victor wants to help, which presents the opportunity to steal the vessel for himself. Not only would he get a live guinea pig, but he could also experiment on placing his mind in the boy's frame. There's also the potential for him to clone and make an army for Naruto's Konoha, per his previous work in the Land of Valleys.

Either way, this is a bad move that will get him killed because, as the leader has repeated before, no one messes with the vessel. It's tied to a much larger endgame, but Victor's selfish attitude clearly proves it's fallen on deaf ears. He doesn't care if he's a traitor -- he's willing to risk it all so long as he gets the key to immortality all for himself.

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