Boruto Becomes the Ultimate Super-Soldier – But He’s Got a Chakra Problem

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 185, "Tools," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, Boruto has not had the best reception to scientific ninja tools. He's bitter he got tricked into using them to cheat during the Chunnin Exams a while ago, totally ignoring how useful they can be once used in the right manner to better society. However, thanks to Katasuke and the Vessel recovery mission, he's realized the error of his ways, understanding these items help protect and evolve villages and they're a major part of the reason Konoha has made massive advancements.

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In Episode 185, he embraces the future fully and dons some tools to become the ultimate super-soldier. However, there's an issue with chakra that could scupper his plans to keep his comrades safe and sound.

Boruto and Team 7 are reeling after having been brutally attacked by Ao. Mugino is dead, and Ao still has one of Katasuke's jutsu-absorbing gauntlets. After escaping the cave-in, Ao is now seeking out Team 7, leaving Konohamaru in a state of panic. Konohamaru's badly wounded, while Team 7 is too inexperienced to take down Ao.

The fearless Boruto, as resilient as ever, tells Katasuke it's time to even the playing field. After hearing Katasuke apologize for leaking intel and duping him into cheating, the boy admits it was all due to the genjutsu that Ao placed to destabilize Konoha. They easily forgive Katasuke again, but there's no time for long-drawn sentimental moments right now. Ao is too much of a threat, as the ex-Kirigakure assassin wants blood for his new bosses at Kara to prove his worth to Koji Kashin.

Because of this threat, Boruto takes the other gauntlet on, ready to absorb whatever Ao throws at him. He also takes on the chakra blade, a lightsaber similar to Sasuke's Chidori-blade, but just as Boruto is trying to use it, he passes out stone cold. It keeps draining too much chakra from his body, with Katasuke admitting he didn't get time to perfect the weapon before they rushed out to the airship crash. Boruto's chakra flow isn't as solid as his father's, so it can't compensate.

However, Katasuke still thinks Boruto is the perfect fit for the weapons, due to him being Naruto's son and having descended from an Uzumaki bloodline mixed with the chakra of Kurama, the Nine Tails Fox. So right now, they have the equalizers, but it's just to help Boruto harness them properly. He might be failing now, he's the only one that can wield these weapons to settle the score with Ao.

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