Boruto: A Heartbreaking Death Taught Kawaki His Most Important Lesson

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 230, "A Wish," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, Kawaki has been wading deeper into his journey of self-discovery courtesy of the latest filler episodes as he tries to find his purpose in Konoha. He isn't keen on being a shinobi and part of the Hidden Leaf community, but a major part of him is loyal to Naruto as he wants to protect the Hokage. Unfortunately, as he grappled with identity and all these emotions, it took a heartbreaking death to teach Kawaki his most valuable lesson.

It occurred on a special mission as he and Mozuku battled Kurobane, an assassin from the Land of Calm Seas who wanted to kill the teens and take a cure back. Kurobane was aiming to present the meds to the daimyo, who would then jack the price up in a nasty capitalism scheme, angering Kawaki.

Mozuku saves Kawaki from an attack in Boruto

Kawaki, who hated the idea of exploiting the poor and sickly, made it clear Kurobane would fall just like his brother, Jujumaru. It wasn't an easy fight though, as Kurobane extracted moisture from the forest, the Earth and even the boys themselves to create a genjutsu fog, filled with clones of himself. As the teens weakened, the real Kurobane used a saw like a boomerang to cut them up.

Thankfully, Kawaki channeled his inner Naruto and Sasuke, dissecting the ruse and using his flames to draw the villain out. But as he pummeled Kurobane, the tyrant would call the saw back for one final blow against Kawaki from behind. Shockingly, Mozuku jumped in front and took the hit, allowing Boruto time to arrive and smash the saw.

Shikadai arrived too and trapped Kurobane, but as Kawaki looked at his dying friend, he started smashing Kurobane's face in. With the villain incapacitated, Kawaki rushed over, only for Mozuku to beg him to get the medicine to his boss as the villagers needed it. Kawaki realized how crucial teamwork was in this moment, learning that if he didn't cooperate, there'd be death in the wars to come -- something he ignored when Naruto and Shikamaru spoke to him in the past.

Kawaki sits over a dying Mozuku in the Boruto anime

A tearful Kawaki changed his perspective and got the cure to Mozuku's boss as Boruto and Shikadai warded off attackers. He also knocked an assailant out, opting to leave him unconscious rather than kill him as he knew it's not what Mozuku would have wanted.

With the cure officially delivered to those in need, Kawaki went back home, broken as ever, and passed out. When he woke up back in the hospital, he knew he had to scrub his uncooperative ways to honor Mozuku's sacrifice. After all, Mozuku respected the potential Kawaki had to become a hero in Boruto, inspiring the kid to ask his leader for another shot at being a shinobi.

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