Booster Gold Was Meant to Save Legends of Tomorrow From Cancellation

Legends of Tomorrow co-showrunner Keto Shimizu confirmed that Booster Gold was intended to save the CW series from cancellation.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Shimizu revealed that Booster (played by Donald Faison) was added to Legends of Tomorrow's seventh season "to 'excite' the audience, and attract more viewers... in an attempt to save the show." She also confirmed that the decision to add Booster was backed by DC Entertainment and The CW's co-owner, Warner Bros. Entertainment, who both wanted to improve the show's chances of renewal.

Rumors that The CW would ax Legends of Tomorrow began circulating in April, in response to the network's reticence to formally renew the series for an eighth season. The CW had already officially confirmed it was renewing two other shows set in the Arrowverse, The Flash and Superman & Lois, in March. The official Legends of Tomorrow writer's room even launched a #RenewLegendsofTomorrow campaign on Twitter, which was quickly endorsed by other members of the cast and crew.

The CW officially canceled Legends of Tomorrow in late April. The news was shared by the Legends of Tomorrow writer's room on Twitter, as part of a lengthy message thanking fans for their support. "We're cancelled," they wrote. "This has been the journey of a lifetime for all of us. The little show that wasn't supposed to be, grew into the show that could be anything it wanted... We will desperately miss creating this show, but most of all we will miss getting to make it together and sharing it with you."

A wave of emotional goodbye messages from Legends of Tomorrow's cast and crew soon followed. "For a moment in time, I got to play a superhero (the first Muslim-American live-action one at that!), said Tala Ashe, who portrayed Zari Adrianna Tomaz. "This show changed my life and I will treasure the relationships I made for the rest of my life." Caity Lotz actor Sara Lance and Shayan Sobhian, who played Behrad Tarazi, each shared video messages bidding farewell to their characters. "We are heartbroken, but also immensely grateful for the amazing work our cast, crew, and writers have contributed to the little show that could," Shimizu said in her own statement about the cancellation.

Shimizu also addressed the cliffhanger ending of Legends of Tomorrow Season 7, which will now go unresolved. "The cliffhanger isn't the CW's fault. It's mine," she said. "I played chicken with the pickup, and lost. Hopefully the story can continue in another form. TV movie? Comic book? Radio play?"

All seven seasons of Legends of Tomorrow are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Twitter

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