Bloom Into You: What We’d Like to See in Season 2

Season 1 of the popular yuri anime Bloom Into You explores the difficulties adolescents face in discovering themselves with family, friends, and romantic relationships. For Season 2, viewers want to see these varied connections develop as characters continue to accept themselves and their feelings.

Bloom Into You's first season left off at a crucial moment for multiple characters -- Touko, Yuu and Sayaka in particular are all enduring personal struggles -- giving Season 2 many plotlines to resolve and questions to answer. Here's everything we'd like to see from Season 2 of Bloom Into You when it arrives.

Touko Must Come to Terms With Her True Self

Season 1 reveals that Touko’s older sister Mio passed away seven years prior, and since then Touko has made it her mission to replace her. This plan works for a while, but when Mio’s former classmate reveals a less-than-perfect side of her, Touko questions both her own and her sister’s identities. Outwardly she continues embodying Mio, but internally she struggles with her identity.

Touko tells Yuu she wants to be just like her sister, but reacts harshly when Yuu questions this choice. For Season 2, it would be great to see some further growth with Touko allowing herself to be more authentic around other people. Accepting her true self would let her better process her sister’s death and grow more on her own, rather than constantly living in Mio’s shadow.

The whole school sees Touko as perfect, but what her classmates might also need is a role model who's both strong and vulnerable. This idea comes up when Yuu's friend Koyomi is writing her script for the Student Council stage show – since she tailors each character to his or her actor, she uses details from their real-life personalities. However, Koyomi has a difficult time with Touko since she doesn’t have any outward flaws. In addition to bettering herself, Touko letting go of her Mio persona would give her school a more authentic Student Council President to rely on.

Yuu Should Accept Her Sexuality, Whatever It Is

Touko isn’t the only one who must come to terms with herself. Yuu spends Season 1 of Bloom Into You struggling with her lack of romantic feelings. The story begins with Touko helping Yuu reject a boy who’s confessed to her, but then Touko misreads the situation and kisses Yuu. She continues showing Yuu affection, but without any reciprocation. Slowly, Yuu lets Touko kiss her more often, admitting that she doesn’t “hate” it, though she still seems unsure about the contact.

On one hand, Yuu relates to her friend Maki, who fans speculate is asexual, as they converse about not feeling romantically toward other people. On the other hand, during Sports Day, Yuu seems utterly infatuated with Touko as she runs the race, and from then on she’s more open to Touko’s affections.

For Bloom Into You Season 2, it would be wonderful to see Yuu come to terms with her sexuality, whatever it might be. While Season 1 does a great job of illustrating how confusing it can be for anyone to navigate their feelings, the story will grow by providing clearer answers in the future. If Yuu is asexual, then hopefully she will accept that in herself and express it to Touko. If, however, she does “bloom into” her feelings, it would be awesome to see them begin a real relationship that helps them learn to love both themselves and one another.

Sayaka Must Finally Confess to Touko

Where do all these possibilities leave Sayaka? She struggles with her attraction to girls, specifically Touko, after being dumped in middle school and told that her sexuality is “just a phase.” Sayaka won’t confess to Touko for fear of ruining their friendship -- however, whether Yuu and Touko end up together should not stop Sayaka from being honest. She says she holds back for Touko’s sake, but it’s clear that she’s also scared. For Sayaka to overcome her fear of rejection, it’s important for her to let Touko know how she feels. Who knows – if Yuu determines that she is asexual, then maybe Season 2 will result in Touko and Sayaka getting together. Their relationship would be natural since they are already close friends.

Ultimately, fans are looking for happy results in Bloom Into You’s second season. In some form, each character must come to accept herself, which will in turn help her to better love and accept others. Though viewers may differ on who they want to end up together, it’s important for Touko, Yuu, and Sayaka to be open and honest about their identities and feelings.

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