Bleach One-Shot Introduces a New Generation of Unique Soul Reapers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the Bleach one-shot chapter by Tite Kubo, Jan Cash and Vanessa Satone, available now in English via Viz Media.

As the epilogue chapter of Bleach made clear, Ichigo Kurosaki's quest as a Soul Reaper hero has finished and he's hung up the cape in favor of a new generation of Soul Reapers -- including his son, Kazui Kurosaki. The new Bleach one-shot chapter expands greatly on Kazui's character as well as three other new additions to the cast.

Years have passed since king Yhwach's downfall, and peace had returned to the Soul Society and the world of the living. Now a new threat from Hell itself emerges, and four new Bleach heroes stand ready to confront this enemy and save the day. In the span of just 70 or so pages, the Bleach one-shot dives deep into what makes these new characters who they are.

Kazui Kurosaki: A Reckless Adventurer

Kazui Kurosaki

While Kazui Kurosaki did appear for a cameo in the original Bleach manga, that was really just a cameo, the one-shot properly adds him to the roster of Soul Reaper heroes. He is the son of Orihime Inoue and Ichigo Kurosaki, and like his father, Kazui has the robes and soul-cutting zanpakuto of a true Soul Reaper. In fact, his unnamed zanpakuto bears a resemblance to his father's, though no shikai or bankai modes have been revealed. Kazui was not present for the konso reisai ceremony with his father.

Ichika Abarai: Renji & Rukia's Daughter

Ichika introduces herself to Kazui

Ichika Abarai also made a brief cameo in the original Bleach manga, but the one-shot is her first full appearance in the franchise. She is the daughter of Renji and Rukia and, unlike Kazui, is constantly exposed to Soul Reaper lore and customs in her native Soul Society, giving her an edge in her early training.

A proactive and enthusiastic child in the one-shot, Ichika trains regularly with Ikakku Madarame of Squad 11 and impresses him with her developing talent at swordplay. She was nearby when Renji and Ichigo confronted the bizarre mutant Hollows from Hell, warning her father as the beasts attacked. Her shikai is unknown so far, and she does not yet have a bankai state.

Lieutenant Atau Rindo: Strong & Silent

atau bleach

Lieutenant Atau is one of two brand new Soul Reapers making their debut in the one-shot and is the second-in-command of Squad 7. Atau does not speak -- instead, he makes use of Japanese sign language, and for convenience, he learned how to read lips in case other people don't use sign language to talk. Overall Atau shows a calm and mature personality, and has a great fondness for animals, especially birds. In combat, he can write the name of an animal on his zanpakuto's blade to use shikai, and animals of that type will be summoned. He also bears a striking resemblance to Chad, but no connection between them has been established.

Lieutenant Yuyu Yayahara Loves All Things Gyaru

yuyu bleach

Yuyu Yayahara, the second-in-command of Squad 8, is the second new Soul Reaper to appear in the Bleach one-shot. Yuyu represents a curious blend of Soul Reaper and human culture who is enamored with gyaru (gal) fashion from modern Japan, from her dyed hair and tanned skin to stylish fingernails and somewhat revealing Soul Reaper uniform. She even uses social media, showing how the Soul Society has embraced modern technology. Yuyu is also a skilled fighter, able to mimic bear jaws with her hands to crush Hell Hollows with ease. Nothing of her zanpakuto is known at this time.

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